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Jun 26, 2006 12:21 AM

Chinatown Ice Cream factory (correct name?)

how is this ice cream joint?

what flavors to get, and is it all exotic (ie. black sesame, litchee, and taro, etc) or do they have classic american flavors too? and are those any good?

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  1. I never object to stopping in to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory for a scoop or three. I think there are traditional "American" flavors but come to think of it, I've never had them. If I'm there, I'll be getting mango, lychee, green tea, red bean, etc. You can ask them to try a flavor before buying it.


    1. You can see their list of flavors on their site (I love that regular and exotic are turned on their heads):

      They're very patient and will let you try a whole bunch of flavors, especially if the (small, narrow) shop isn't packed. Everything's good, but for my money the flavor I get over and over again is coconut—and I don't even usually like anything coconut-flavored!

      1. They have a fairly wide selection of flavors, ranging from vanilla, cookies and cream, and rocky road to avocado, durian, and wasabi. The odder flavors tend to reflect their sources fairly well: wasabi tasted like wasabi minus the sinus burn, and durian's odor came complete with slight hints of farts and onions that rested atop a nice, light tropical flavor.

        Personally, I'm partial to almond cookie, lychee, pumpkin pie, mango, and pineapple.

        1. My favorite "Asian" flavors are lychee, ginger & almond cookie, but the cherry pistachio and the mocha chip are both great.

          1. Lychee, Mango, and Coconut are my favorite.