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Jun 25, 2006 10:46 PM

Solo dining near the Fairmont in Dallas?

Anything good near the Fairmont hotel downtown? Anything where I could comfortable reading a book and sitting by myself. Nothng too formal or prententious please. A last minute change of plans means I will be on my own for dinner tonight and don't want to waste it on a crappy meal. Please also include any good lunch areas near there or the convention center. Thanks!

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  1. Stephan Pyles is less than a block away on Ross. Dakota's is just a block further up Akard from the hotel. Both are nice but are big enough and bustling enough that no one would bother you. Pyles has a large community table just in front of you as you walk in. If you have transportation, Amuse on S. Akard for lunch or dinner would be a great choice. Other lunch spots near the hotel would be at the Nasher Museum or the DMA (Museum of Art). Both are worth the visit and the food is good.