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Jun 25, 2006 10:38 PM

Prix Fixe French

Tried Le Pere Pinard after it was recommended as a lower-cost French option...and it's true, the cost factor is great. I thought the food however, was mediocre, and the selection on the $14.00 prix fixe (5-7) was quite limited. Any other lower-end French options around? I couldn't turn up any on Zagat...

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  1. Bacchus on Atlantic Ave. has a Wednesday special where you get a second (same or lesser cost) entrée free. If you split and appetizer and dessert, you certainly should get out at way under $20 per person before tax, tip and drinks. (To be polite, I recommend adding back to cost of the free entrée when calculating your tip).

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        I haven't passed by lately, but it certainly was open 3 weeks ago.

    1. Patois has a $20 mid week Prix Fixe and is quite solid.

      1. Belleville also has a prix fix for around $25 Tuesday thru Thursday.

        1. Hey try The French Culinary Inst 462 Bway in Soho. it is a blast and the pre fixe menu is great.

          1. Sorrel, on Carlton at St. Marks in Prospect Hts is French-ish and has a prix fixe at $25 for three courses. Quite good food