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Jun 25, 2006 10:17 PM

Sunday Brunch near 54th and 6th?

I'm coming up to visit from B-more again this weekend and again have made most of my dining choices after perusing the board (Saturday dinner is Le Bernadin, Sunday is Ping's or New Green Bo). I'm looking for a lttle help on brunch. TIA.

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  1. there are two places that i can think of that are worthy of your sunday brunch patronage. 1- Normas, 118 West 57th in Le Parker Meridian Hotel, you can get into the hotel from either street(it is a walk-thru between 56th & 57th). if you have never heard of this place you are in for a treat. its pricey, but worth every penny. you need a reservation for sunday brunch. you will give your name and be seated within 5 minutes, ahead of all the jealous onlookers who didn't make a reservation and now are suffering the consequences (waiting 45 min to an hour).(they are so popular you will need to confirm your res with a credit card).
    if you are not a member of open table you can sign up and make your reservation on there.
    you can check out the menu at:
    also if you want to find menus for most restaurants in NYC is the place to go
    oh! the other restaurant is Sarabeths
    also amazing, a bit cheaper, but really not much. although its not near the area
    its at amsterdam btw 80th and 81st
    but check it out anyway, they have a couple new locations
    i couldn't find the upeer west side locations address on the website, but the one i gave you is right. its the "flagship" location. :
    )let meknow what you think after you take a look!

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      Sarabeths actually does have a location in the area. There's a branch on Central Park South between 5th and 6th Avenues.

    2. If Norma's is booked, I highly recommend the brunch at Town, on 55th between 5th and 6th Avenues in the Chambers Hotel.

      1. Thanks all. Just made a resrvation at Norma's before I saw the Town recommendation which sounds excellent as well.

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