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Jun 25, 2006 10:11 PM

Great food in Yunnan province-- esp Kunming and Lijiang

Traveling to Kunming area, Lijiang area (including Shigu). I know I will get good food, but are there any great food spots I shouldn't miss? I like meat, veg, fish, tofu, spicy stuff. Also any cooking schools or places I could participate in cooking for a short while? I love this part of China.
I'll post a report when I return in August

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  1. I recalled a brief but useful thread on Lijiang from some time back, and found it here:

    I'm sure a search will turn up some goodies on Kunming, too, that being a well-visited city. Just be sure you are searching in "International" or "All Forums" because they won't have been pulled into "China" yet.

    1. I seem to recall from when I was in Lijiang a few years ago that the food was generally good, but not particularly outstanding. I also recall hearing of a place that offered cooking classes, but the impression I got was that it was geared toward novice cooks who would be thrilled to learn that the Chinese cook in a "wok", rather than knowledgeable people who want to learn local techniques etc. But please do report what you find--I'd be interested in trying out your finds on my next trip.

      1. My husband and I were in Lijiang a few years ago and thought the best food we had were in these dive noodle shops in the old city. The noodles are extremely cheap (less than US$1 a bowl) but really yummy. We went to a few expensive restaurants but were not extremely impressed.

        1. Rummaging through my favorite blogs today, I rediscovered these delectable entries in Wrapped In Dough:



          Enjoy them and the other entries while you can. Unfortunately, Astrid is letting her blog perish, as she is too busy with law school.

          1. Whoa, this is weird--stumbling upon this thread, when last night I dreamt I was in Kunming, walking around with the Skytrain whizzing overhead, showing my friends all the different kinds of noodles in a covered market (seriously). In particular, we stopped at a stall and were discussing the thick, square potato noodles.

            I know they aren't square, but I do remember eating potato noodles in Dali, and they were thick and slightly gluey, but with an excellent spicy chile sauce. But I don't really know much about them -- are potato noodles common? What are they called? That blog was great, maybe they'll show up there some day...

            Looking forward to getting the report back from what you find on your trip.