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Jun 25, 2006 10:10 PM

Need Great (and cheap) Chinatown Lunch for Monday

Any ideas? I know it's short notice. Used to Like Southeast but now Vietnames. Is the hand thrown noodle place good for lunch?



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  1. Lakeside Chinese Deli is the place for you my friend. It's on 9th between Race and Vine I believe. Very good food . Cheap. Friendly service. Large portions. Enjoy.

    1. Second for lakeside (btw I am formerly "jo")

      1. try szechuan tasty house near 9th and arch. the spicy dumplings and pork in garlic sauce are favorites. they are also known for ma po tofu.

        1. At Lakeside you're money can go a bit further; you can get the dim sum sampler and a small bowl of shrimp noodle soup and basically feast for less than $10.

          Szechuan Tasty house is a smidge higher but they do have a lunch special (which is a decent deal, but they don't have some of my favorite dishes available with the deal).

          Also, the lunch deals at Chung King include some decent stuff as well, like the Ma Po Tofu (though I think Szechuan Tasty House's version is a smidge better, also, Chung King's version uses bigger pieces of pork, more like a crumbled pork sausage as opposed to ground pork).

          1. You folks were right on! Did Lakeside and I'll be back. You are right.. Just like Family.

            We were unsure of portion sizw so ordered:

            Sizling Noodles with Chicken (thin and wide mixed), Noodle Soup with Shrimp Wontons (to share) and Honey Roasted Pork Dim Sum. MORE than enough food. We agreed the noodles and pork were best. The soup was okay and we'll probably do steamed wontons next time. With Tea (no rice) the bill was $14.50 INCLUDING tax and tip for 2.

            The fact that the dim sum is all day and you order fresh was a big plus! Thanks! Luckily it was monday at lunch so not busy. Parking in Chinatown is a mess and too long from South Philly at night but we'll be back.

            Again, Thanks!