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Jun 25, 2006 09:47 PM

Brunch with my 14 year old daughter

Last year on our Broadway visit (we are from Fla.) I took her to Cafe des Artistes for Sunday Brunch. She loved the food, but there were only 2 other couples in there and it was underwhelming for me. What would be a good brunch place to take her? She is fairly adventuresome for a 14 year old. Doesn't have to be glitzy; just a good NY'ish place . Thanks

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  1. Hey there,
    I would try Prune in the East Village. Fun neighborhood to walk around in. Great food and some fun people watching too. If you want a little more of a "scene" you might want to try Balthazar. Lately, the brunch has been better than the dinner there and it's got a great energy.
    Enjoy your visit!


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      I was just about to suggest Balthazar too -- bustling brasserie at brunchtime, but not annoyingly crazy as it can be at night. A lot of people watching for a teenager, and the brunch food is really good. It's very NY and will probably feel cool and special to her.

    2. since Prune was just suggested...I'll opt for an "old time nyc" haunt, Barney Greengrass on the UWS for smoked fish, bagels or a LEO.

      not quite in the same class as Cafe des Artistes but Barney's has a special charm all its own.

      wishing you and your daughter a wonderful visit.

      1. I would have to agree that Prune is top notch. The brunch and scene at Balthazar are also worth trying but be aware it is very pricey. Another place to try would be Florent in the meatpacking district. It is a NY legend (the first restaurant to open in the neighborhood when it was still . . . lets be tactful . . . a rough place to hang out). Finally, you might try Odeon in Tribeca.

        1. I've never actually gone here for brunch -- shockingly enough, I don't much care for the weekend ritual -- but I live a couple doors up from Public and can imagine a 14-year-old digging on the scene. I can sit out on my stoop for hours watching the Elizabeth parade go by, and the seating at Public even affords you the opportunity to look down on everybody (I use my fire escape when I need that satisfaction).

          Foodwise, I've enjoyed my dinners there.

          1. I agree with Florent. And I love Balthazar. But I would also endorse Pastis as a very fun and lively brunch place, with really good food and great people watching for both mother and daughter!

            - Sean