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Jun 25, 2006 09:40 PM

SF Hound visiting LA for July 4 weekend

I am visiting Los Angeles July 4th weekend, and I would like some suggestions for the following:

1. Dim sum
2. Taiwanese
3. Korean
4. Vietnamese
5. Cal-French
6. Italian
7. Patisseries/good cakes
8. Must eats (probably will not be visiting LA area again for some time)

I will be staying in Hacienda Heights, but since I will have a car, distance is no issue (I am willing to travel far and wide for good food). Also, price is not an issue, though I do appreciate good value. I tend to hover around the upper-middle range, but am up for anything from fine dining to dives.

Thank you all in advance!

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  1. Here's a good place that serves up Taiwanese-style small dishes and rice porridge. It's real comfort food. Hope you try it and enjoy!

    Lu’s Garden. (小陸子清粥店) 534 E. Valley Blvd. #12, San Gabriel, 91776. 626-280-5883. [You walk in and look at buffet of small dishes, order as many as you want, then they seat you and ask you if you want congee (rice porridge) or regular rice (get the congee! It has sweet potatoes in it.) and they bring you your dishes. This place is open late-night, for the young people after a night of partying. The dishes are really, really good quality: small squids, Chinese sausage, pickled vegetables, vegetarian dishes, just about anything you would want to eat with rice porridge.]

    1. If you do find yourself around West Los Angeles, go to Amandine on Wilshire (spelled Amadine on yahoo yellow pages for some reason). They have the best pear-filled genoise with delicate whipped frosting. So fluffy, delicate, yet moist and juicy. Barely sweet, with whipped cream frosting that's so light it almost disappears in your mouth.

      I wolfed down an entire slice in no time at all, all the while trying to force myself to slow down and savor it. I haven't had cake like that in SF: not at Tartine, not at Delessio, nowhere (not to say that I've turned my back on Tartine or Delessio, they just don't have cake like this).

      And when I'm in Hacienda Heights, I always stop at Four Seas (the Chinese name is Four Seas, I'm not sure if the English is actually that) in the Vons Plaza where JJ's Bakery is. I go there for cold noodles to go (chicken liang mien). I'm sure it's not the best in the SGV, but it's good and garlicky and I love it. Their breakfast is pretty decent too.
      My next goal is to try Sweet Lady Jane.

      (Pei, formerly nooodles)

      1. World famous Taiwanese dumpling place in Arcadia.
        Get there by 4:45(opens 5pm)otherwise there's at least a half hour wait after the first seating. Think they open at 11:00am for lunch.

        Din Tai Fung
        1108 South Baldwin Avenue
        Arcadia California 91007
        Tel : 626-574-7068

        1. Taiwainese - QQ (in Temple City) and SinBaLa (in Arcadia); I'd avoid Din Tai Fung - synthetic soup dumplings and overpriced side dishes (and it's not really Taiwanese cuisine)

          Dim sum - Sea Harbour, Triumphal Palace, New Concept and 888. All in the San Gabriel Valley

          Cal-French - Lucques, Orris, Patina, Sona

          Italian - Valentino and La Buca

          1. The original comment has been removed