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Jun 25, 2006 09:17 PM

Northern Westchester Good Food at Reasonable Prices?

Recently left Manhattan and starting to dine in Northern Westchester. Looking for Good Food, Reasonable Pricing in a Nice atmosphere. Suggestions anyone?

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    1. Where in Northern Westchester are you looking or is mid-county ok??

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      1. re: PJ Hyett

        ossining, new castle, mt pleasant areas to narrow it down

        1. re: smokeyrm

          I believe New Castle includes Chappaqua. Love the food and experience at Le Jardin Du Roi right in town. Great food, and the outdoor area is really lovely in good weather, a great flower garden adjacent. Bill & Hill eat ther occassionally, it is said!

      2. Places we really like include:

        Miraggio in Yorktown -- good family style Italian (best bolognese sauce we know of)

        Justin Thyme in Croton -- better than your average pub grub, we love this family run place

        Susan's in Peekskill -- a country style restaurant in the middle of Peekskill. Great place to go before a show at the Paramount Theater

        Cheers! Welcome to Northern Westchester!

        1. We ate at Susan's last Wednesday. It was our second visit, and we would not have gone except that WHUD had sent out a $50 voucher via email a few months ago and it was expiring at the end of June and I figured we might as well give it another try (we were not impressed with our initial visit).

          Sadly, despite the fact that we had an almost free meal, I can't say I'd go back. To start with, we split a French onion soup. Decent enough, but the top was burnt (black) in two places. The restaurant was almost empty -- there was no excuse for their not getting this right.

          For entrees my wife ordered the crab cakes, which were surprisingly good, and served with some wilted green vegetable (maybe broccolini). I ordered the duck breast. The waiter initially suggested it be served medium (which seemed strange), but I asked for it medium rare. The presentation was a mess. The first thing I noticed was that it appeared that someone had dumped an entire can of Durkee's fried onion rings on top. Now, I like Durkee's fried onion rings but this was clearly overkill (not to mention that fresh onion strings would have been much better). Once I cleared them out of the way, I found several slices of duck fanned around a pile of mashed potatoes. The duck wasn't bad --a little fatty. There were large pools of gravy on the plate. It also came with cooked red cabbage that I think was from a jar. Bottom line, acceptable dish, very poor presentation.

          For dessert we decided to split the chocolate fondue. At the end of June, with so many berries available, it was embarrassing to be served just a single strawberry. It also came with small cubes of pound cake (cold, either from being in the fridge or having previously been frozen), and long thin slices of pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew, and round slices of orange. It made no sense to serve the stuff this way -- the slices were too large to dip, so you had to cut them in half or quarters, and then they were so thin that they did not dip well. Chunks would have been MUCH better. The chocolate was ok, and it turned out that there was more of it than I expected (thus we had plenty leftover). You have to wonder if they even gave this any thought. And there should have been several strawberries on the plate -- with them being in season and relatively cheap.

          Bread was decent, especially the biscuits.

          Our meal came out to $52, so I paid $2 plus tax and tip. So I can't say I was unhappy with what we spent. But I certainly wouldn't pay regular price again. Zeph's is far superior and not a lot more expensive. Even Division Street Grill is better. And we actually like Ruben's Mexican Restaurant across the street even better.

          1. Millwood: Spaccarelli's for delicious Italian food; be sure to request Thomas as your server; he's the best. (He pronounces it 'Toe-mahs')

            Strega, Iron Horse Grill

            Chappaqua: Grappolo Locanda

            These have all been fantastic on my visits.