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Jun 25, 2006 09:10 PM

Driving from BOS into Maine -- need lunch!

Greetings --

My brother and I will be driving from Logan up into Maine this Friday 6/30. We're landing at noon and driving up to the Kennebec river in The Forks (routed via 95 to 295 to 95 to 201).

We'd like to get out of greater Boston traffic before we stop for lunch -- but more important is a GOOD lunch. Beyond no dairy, we are open to everything but might particularly like seafood.


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  1. Ask and ye shall receive:

    Harraseeket Lobster pound -- one of the best in all of Maine. It's just over the border from N.H. into Maine.

    Have a lobster roll for me!


    1. Harraseeket is in Freeport, about 10 minutes off of 295. It's pretty good. The Freeport exit from 295 is about an hour's drive north of the NH border.

      You could also check out Portsmouth -- lots of good suggestions on this board -- we usually end up at the Portsmouth Brewery -- or Kittery -- Bob's Clam Hut is quite reliable.

      Note that local clams here in Maine are still in short supply since there's still red tide at most of the Maine clam flats.

      1. Harraseeket Lobster is not jost over the border of New Hampshire. Its 10 miles north of Portland, which is 130 miles north of Logan, and about 70 miles north of Portsmouth, and thats if you like or want Lobster.
        On Route 1 in Freeport is a wonderful BBQ joint, called "Bucks Naked BBQ". Pulled pork or pulled chicken sandwiches are excellent, as well as their hot corn bread. I have not tried their ribs yet, but they look real good. But, if you decide to eat in Portland or Freeport, it will be a real late lunch, so it might be better to eat in the Portsmouth/Kittery area and they also have plenty of lobster joints. Good Luck, and report back to us.... Enjoy your trip in Maine!

        1. Freeport traffic might really slow you down, especially on a Friday afternoon. Also you'd be looking at a 3:30pm lunch if you wait for Freeport.

          Maine Diner in Wells is just a mile and a half off I-95 and it is pretty much easy-on, easy-off. Shouldn't be too crowded at 2:00-2:30pm, and although it looks and feels like a tourist-trap...the food is exceptional and the service is great.

          1. Folks-

            My bad on the location of Harraseeket. Now this is gonna drive me crazy.

            What's the name of that place just over the borde,r a bit down a side road, on a "creek" (I think it even has "creek" in it's name).

            You park along the side of the road and cross a sort of bridge onto a kitchen/deck on pilings. Many locals seem to get pretty dressed up to go there and bring lots of additional food to supplement the lobster... as well as red-checked tablecloths, silverware, even candleabras!

            Anyone have any ideas?