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Jun 25, 2006 08:40 PM

Adelour A' Bundah

We had that as an after dinner drink last night and had not seen it before. It is a most excellent single malt and worth looking for. My DH looked it up when we got home and the site he was checking it on says it is the perfect after dinner single malt. One guest said she'd like to try it on ice cream but I'd be happy just sipping it. Runs about $60/bottle and it is going on my shopping list. I may not find it in Indiana, the state has some very weird rules/laws about what can be sold but maybe Sam's in Chicago (not affiliated with Walmart, totally different company) or London in the fall but I have to have some on hand. It is really special.

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  1. Candy-

    Just to clarify for those reading along who may be interested- you are refering to Aberlour A'Bunadh (Aberlour being the distillery). I have had it before and it is definitely something special, particularly the nose. It is a single cask malt, undiluted, so it is fairly strong (120 proof or so)- I'm not so sure about the ice cream idea, myself ;) But at $60.00 I'd say it is a steal.