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Jun 25, 2006 08:22 PM

Posts from the old international board gone forever?

I got some amazing gems of suggesions for I trip I took to Japan from the international board last year. I have a friend that is going to be traveling there soon and wanted to point her in the right direction, but can't find any evidence of the older posts. I've moved since my trip and have no idea where my printed notes are.

I like the fact that things are broken down into categories now, but it would be nice if the older threads were archived and accesable to the loyal readers/posters to this site.

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  1. What was your username on those old posts?

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      My old username was "L", but I did not start all or even most of the posts I am referring to.....although if memory serves I did start a thread on ramen that proved quite fruitful.

      1. re: L nrs

        Searching the International board for the word Japan turns up 253 threads dating back to 1999.

    2. All of the old International posts are on the International board, here:

      We are moving the old posts to the more specific international regional boards as time permits (this is a manual process), so if you are looking for an old post about dining in Japan, don't forget to search both the old board, and the new Japan board.