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Jun 25, 2006 08:07 PM

Peruvian in Queens

I have gone to La Pollada de Laura a few times and love most everything I have had. I am looking for another Peruvian place that is as authentic. What I really want is Cacha (spelling), the toasted garlic large corn nuts that are at bars in Peru. What I got at Lauras wasnt my fav.

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  1. We had something like that at El Sol on Northern Blvd/89th... basically the big peruvian corn kernels fried up with lots of salt. They just brought a little bowl of them out to us while we were having our dinner. It was actually a highlight of our meal there -- the pisco sours were also quite good. We may have misordered, but we got the ceviche, and thought it was *too* tangy and the calamari were unpleasantly chewy. We also had the jalea, which again had the chewy calamari and a couple of other unmemorable dishes.

    For Peruvian we tend to go to Pio Pio, though I've never seen cacha there and we also are fans of the ceviche from La Pollada de Laura.

    On an aside, I thought i saw a recipe for something that sounded like the peruvian corn kernels in the Times last week.


    1. you can usually buy cancha at a ctown, met or associated that carries peruvian products. it is extraordinarily easy to prepare. all you have to do is place the cancha (large dried corn kernels) in a hot skillet and toast them for a few minutes until they start developing small dark spots. keep moving them while toasting because they can burn easily. after removing them from the pan, sprinkle with some salt and there you go...cancha! try it, i promise, it is easy and cheap.

      1. I also like El Sol, which has your yummy corn, and also some good dishes. I liked the seco de chivo a lot, but found the chicken in another dish a little dry. Pio Pio is the best rotisserie chicken I've ever had, and is also right there on Northern Blvd. I've also been to Inti Raymi - 86-14 37th Ave, which has good fried rice style dishes. I'm pretty sure they would have your cancha as well, but I can't remember for sure.

        1. pio pio riko on manhattan ave in greenpoint (not queens but pretty close) gives you loads of them. you have to request them if you're getting take-out or delivery, but dining in you get a big bowl upon being seated.

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            i've not been, but there is a pio pio riko in queens/sunnyside, near the V of Greenpoint and Queens Blvd. if not at that specific intersection, head SW on Greenpoint and you'll run into it.

            1. re: charlie_b

              This is the place I wanted to recommend in response to the query above, but I couldn't remember the name. I went once a couple of months ago. The really enjoyed the chicken and the corn nuts too. It's at Greenpoint and 46th Street in Greenpoint.

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                Just to clarify for those who don't know those areas, the above has got to be Queens, not Greenpoint. But it is on Greenpoint *Avenue*.

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                  Right Maud. It should say Greenpoint & 46th in Sunnyside.