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Deviled egg variations ? Favorites for fruit salads? Suggestions please!

It is two questions. I am helping to cater a post wedding brunch next Sunday for 36 people. I am making salmon rillettes from Keller's Bouchon book which are a piece of cake, I'll get that done tomorrow and let it mature the flavors sealed under butter.

I have 3 dozen eggs to turn into deviled eggs. I'd like some variation in the fillings. One thing for me which is standard is that I make my filling with sweet unsalted butter and no mayo. I'm thinking chives in some, smoked paprika in/on others, maybe some minced sun dried tomatoes, bacon? What are your favorites.

My other question is what are your favorite fruit combinations for a fruit salad? I am thinking of a passion fruit dressing with some ginger and have made gingered shortbread to go along side. I will serve it in a giant icer bowl, which loks like a huge caviar server and will keep it nicely chilled. Since this the morning after the wedding I am trying to think of really thirst quenching and fresh tasting fruit salad combos and ideas.



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  1. I looooove deviled eggs.

    A couple variations that have worked for me in the past:

    *sour cream instead of mayo or 1/2 each (I saw you use sweet unsalted butter - which is something I've never tried, but now will give it a go!)
    *minced onions (similar to your chives plan - chives are probably better for this anyhow)
    *crumbled bacon - bacon is always good, I endorse this plan!
    *different types of mustard - I especially liked a batch made with a horseradish mustard
    *cayenne pepper or cumin for a bit of a different flavor than the normal

    I haven't personally tried it, but I found a recipe involving celery, Worcestshire sauce and crab meat that sounds awfully good :)

    Kathy/Kuisine (formerly KathySK)

    1. i like the bacon idea! i actually saw a devilled egg book at crate and barrel. i know, i know, but i couldn't resist it. I BOUGHT IT! they had a really great conbo in there. sort of a buffalo wing egg, use,
      crubled bacon,
      crumbled blue cheese
      and hot sauce (red hot wing sauce would work, or red hot and butter, same thing).
      they did have chicken in small dice in the recipe. i am not a huge fan of chicken so i wouldn't use it, but i am sure it would be very good.
      also another good one ( i made this one for easter) if you like indian food
      plain yogurt/mayo combo
      curry powder
      mustard powder
      mango chutney
      they say to garnish with more chutney (i didn't)
      but i think some liquor soaked golden raisins would be good

      well good luck!

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        That's my favorite...
        The curry powder one with a bit of mango chutney on the top. I garnish that with one small cilantro leaf on the top. They are also very pretty...extra yellow yolk mixture, golden mango chutney and a little hint of green.

      2. I love fresh mint and toasted slivered almonds in fruit salad. A simple dressing of lime and honey is nice (depending on the other flavors you're serving, of course.)

        1. For my recent wedding the caterers did deviled eggs with wasabi and topped with a thin slice of seared salmon. I believe they coated the salmon with sesame seeds before searing and slicing them to top the eggs. You can also top them with two long blades of chives for plating.

          For fruit salads, consider adding some candied ginger to the fruit the night before to improve the flavor of whatever fruit you select. I also especially like fresh figs in fruit salad because they have a unique flavor and interesting look when halved.

          1. In devilled eggs, definitely use anchovy paste.

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              I always do. That and good butter make for a great deviled egg. Even the anchovy haters gobble them up not suspecting what the elusive flovor is that they cannot put a handle on.

            2. I love deviled eggs with curry powder, cilantro garnish optional (in this case I'd leave it off, since some guests might not like it).

              As for the fruit salad, I would recommend making it only with firm fruits (ie, no bananas, kiwis, etc.), which will hold up better during the reception. If no kids will be partaking, I would add a little vanilla vodka or mandarin liqueur to the mix...

              1. I also use curry powder, but it has to be Madras. With it I mix in Underwood's Deviled Chicken and sprinkle everything with chopped peanuts or a dab of chutney.

                1. My favorite fruit salad is strawberries, halved green grapes, oranges and kiwi tossed in a mixture of orange juice and honey...would be great with a ginger addition. The combination of these are really great and always a hit. I've even done it in layers in a glass bowl for a neat color effect and then added the orange juice and honey mix right before it's served.

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                    I skip the honey when I use candied ginger. I find the ginger is sufficiently sweet. I also add the orange juice and the ginger the night before so it gets a chance to meld, but I add the halved grapes just before serving since they tend to weep.

                  2. When I make my egg boats -deviled eggs, I use wasabi mayo (from T.J'S) mixed with reg. mayo (BEST FOODS) or a little dijon w/the mayo. Then I like to add green olives w/pimento, chopped orange peppers, and green onion. If I don't have green olives, I use small capers. It's a little salty and sweet (from the peppers) with a bite from the wasabi - love it!

                    No one's mentioned the wonder white peaches seen lately. Just came from Ralphs tonight and they're on sale for 79c a pound. I love them alone but, you can add fresh raspberries then pour over a layered cake made from angel food cake and various sorbets. Light and refreshing. Lemon, Raspberry or even mango sorbets are yummy. Good luck.

                    1. I did some nice devilled eggs once with wasabi, smoked salmon and topped with white & black sesame seeds. They looked and tasted great.

                      1. I make some deviled eggs with mayo, soy sauce chili-garlic paste. People love em.

                        1. From an Alton Brown book. I think I used shallots instead of regular onions. They are definitely on the pungent side so if your crowd is picky or kids they may not like. The shallot was better than the onion I feel b/c it added a nice flavor w/o being overwhelming.

                          Deviled Eggs

                          1⁄4 c. mayonnaise
                          2 tablespoons minced onion
                          2 tablespoons minced celery
                          1⁄4 c. chopped fresh parsley
                          1 tsp. dry mustard
                          1⁄4 tsp. salad
                          1⁄4 tsp. freshly ground white pepper
                          1⁄4 tsp. celery salt
                          12 hardboiled eggs

                          1. In a small mixing bowl, using a mixing spoon, blend together all ingredients except eggs and paprika
                          2. With a sharp knife, split eggs lengthwise and remove yolks to separate mixing bowl
                          3. Mash yolks with a fork
                          4. Blend mayonnaise mixture in to the yolks
                          5. Refill egg whites with mixture, smoothing top with fork
                          6. Sprinkle w/ paprika (optional)

                          Yeild: 2 dozen deviled eggs.

                          Cheers! JB

                          1. Finely chopped drained sun-dried tomatoes and sour cream, topped with a sliver of SDT. Delicious.

                            1. regarding devilled eggs ;use a mild curry as a topping
                              or- a hot one !!!
                              sprinkle curry powder onto smashed yolks (upon re-installation )
                              both curries are orange . orange curry- yellow egg yolks- white whites

                              beautiful picture !

                              1. I like deviled eggs with fresh dill and a little grated bermuda onion. Sometimes garnished with a thin cucumber round & piece of salmon

                                1. Fill the egg whites w/guacamole and call them Angel Eggs

                                  Serve some green and white eggs (see above) and some yellow and white eggs (traditional)

                                  I agree with the crumbled bacon. I wouldn't use horseradish or curry or chutney at a wedding IMO those are sophisticated tastes that might not get eaten. I would stay more traditional. Your butter and egg yolk sounds fine.

                                  1. I love using that wasabi mayonnaise from Trader Joe's... gives 'em a really nice kick.

                                    1. i can add this deviled egg thread to the other deviled egg threads in my "favorites."
                                      imo, there are never too many threads on one of my favorite food groups! ;-)


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                                        Yes, check out the Parsi deviled eggs with cilantro, jalepeno, and honey on the first link alkapal posted. They are always a huge hit.

                                        1. re: DGresh

                                          parsi deviled eggs (current link, as others ooo): http://www.thefoodmaven.com/diary/arc...

                                          i wonder why they have a "parsi" appellation. what is possibly parsi, except maybe honey?

                                      2. BLT deviled eggs are a fun, pretty variation:


                                        I chop the bacon into bigger pieces which isn't as pretty but is tasty. And, I add a little cheese, too.

                                        Passionfruit dressing sounds great. You could stick w/ a tropical theme: mangoes, papaya, pineapple, star fruit, kiwi, sprinkled w/ pomegranite seeds for color.

                                        1. Candy, I can't remember who posted this, but someone said they line the emptied yolk area with smoked salmon before adding the filling. Sounds like a neat idea, special without being fussyish.

                                          btw, I took deviled eggs to a party recently and used half butter, half mayo after reading that you use all butter. They were delicious and flew off the table. Thank you!
                                          The world loves a deviled egg.

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                                            i love, love, love the idea of the surprise under the filling. the possibilities are tantalizing.... caviar, capers, a bit of sun-dried tomato, wild mushroom duxelles, well....you name it!

                                            i'd mince the smoked salmon (or any tough-ish, bulky thing) because it would be difficult to bite clean if it were a whole slice of smoked salmon, imo.

                                            try this someone. put two deviled egg halves together, deep fry in herb-y panko crust. yum. (signed, paula) (tee hee)

                                          2. Where did you get the giant icer bowl? I am looking for one. Thanks!