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Jun 25, 2006 08:05 PM

Georgian/Azerbaijani/Uzbek etc in PDX?

Just got back from Russia and have rekindled my enthusiasm for Caucasian food (which is how they call it there, though it soulds wierd in English).

Is there any hope of finding this in PDX?

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  1. Yes, though I can't guarantee the quality.

    The place I KNOW has it is Zara's way out east:

    17790 SE Division St, Portland, 97236 - (503) 761-0075

    They have a market and make their own pelmeni and such, but next door they also have a restaurant that has a mix of former Soviet dishes. The stuff they make and have frozen or in the deli counter in the market is pretty good, so who knows. I haven't ever made the effort to try it only because it's a smoking establishment and even though they allegedly have a non-smoking section, when I went in there and checked the place out before opening, it stank. But hey, if you just got back from Russia... I think it turns into a quasi nightclub or there's some form of entertainment, too. I'd go try it early.

    There's also the place on Foster than has undergone a couple transformations and was formerly called Russian Cuisine. Can't remember the current name, but I think there was a positive report. Russian Cuisine was mediocre at best:

    6433 SE Foster Rd, Portland, 97206 - (503) 775-8989

    I imagine they have food beyond Russian since there are a mix of former Soviet state peoples here.

    I know there are some other places: a tea shop and cafe in Beaverton; a couple Bosnian places in Vancouver; Armenian and Greek hot deli foods at Anoush; Taste of Europe which as really good Bosnian sandwiches; plus the many Russian/former Soviet markets, some of which I've talked about here: ; there's also Ararat, which I think primarily is a night club and bakery -- not sure if they actually serve food anymore.

    1. I was recently in Portland with a Caucasian. The word refers to the Caucasus region of the world. We enjoyed the lamb shank at Persian House, 1026 SW Morrison St , Portland. We were not enthusiastic about the chicken fesenjan. Russian Cuisine is closed on Monday, and that's when we stopped by. We went to the International food place, a block away on Foster. They had the baked breads from Ararat. You have to read extramsg board, the pictures are informative.

      1. Seattle used to have this great Georgian Restaurant called Pirosmani (after the famous Georgian artist). Unfortunately, there wasn't much of a market for Georgian food, and they closed down. I've never found anything like it anywhere else in the Northwest. When I find myself missing Georgia, I've had to make my own Georgian dinner (most dishes really aren't that difficult). There are some great (out of print, but easy to find) cookbooks on food from that region. I guess that's what we're stuck doing until someone opens another restaurant for us...

        1. The Vancouver,WA farmers market has an eatery which is one of the ex-SSRs, a -stan, and it seems to me that it's Uzbek.