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Jun 25, 2006 07:54 PM

Farmer Brown report > disappointing fried chicken

decided to hit up farmer brown on friday night for some post-work comfort food. we got there a little past six and we were quickly seated. the bar area was packed, but most of the tables were open. there was some very loud music blaring from the sound system, and it made for a bit of a raucous atmosphere. i didn't mind so much, but at least 2 or 3 couples came in and sat down next to us before quickly exiting only moments later.

the general atmosphere and decor was quite a bit different than i expected. it all seemed a bit more modern, while i expected something more rustic and vintage, i suppose. a cool looking space nonetheless.

started with the watermelon margarita with cayenne-salt rimmed glass. the cocktail itself was pretty good, but i could've used a bit more salt about the rim. the cayenne was interest touch and definitely got my mouth buzzing more than a bit. dana ordered a macallan on the rocks, but they were out, so i suggested she try st george's single malt whiskey. i had a taste and it was smooth and quite floral. i'll definitely need to pick up a bottle.

after receiving our drinks we were served some complimentary mini corn muffins and mini biscuits. these were fresh, moist and a perfect accompaniment to the spicy, sweet pepper jelly.

we were both rather excited to try the fried chicken especially since they're using fulton valley birds. i asked how large the portion was and our server informed us it was half a chicken. what arrived at our table was definitely on the smaller side for half a chicken. the dish included a wing, thigh, and what seemed to be half a chicken breast. disappointing enough, no leg was included. and if the chicken breast was a full breast, then it was the tiniest i've ever seen. it was more like a large nugget of breast meat.

the chicken was steaming hot, nicely fried and not greasy at all. the breast meat was a little dry, though. we were both greatly disappointed with the overall flavor of the chicken. it seemed to be lacking any seasoning at all. no salt. no pepper. we both added some salt and that helped some, but not much. there was no pepper on the table or we would've added some as well.

we decided not to order anything else after being disappointed with the fried chicken. this is main dish that we were truly excited about checking out at farmer brown, and had it been good we surely would be returning often for some.

i guess i'll check back again in a few months and see if they improve the seasoning of the fried chicken. until then, i guess i'll just stick with bakesale bettys.

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  1. Thanks for the report. Underseasoned fried chicken makes me sad; adding salt after the fact isn't the same.

    Assuming their website menu is current, how was the mac and cheese that came w/ the chicken?

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    1. re: Carb Lover

      the mac n cheese was average. tasted good, but nothing super special.

    2. My experience at Farmer Brown has been quite different. I've eaten there twice, and very much enjoyed it both times.

      First time out, I got the fried chicken with the side of mac and cheese, and thought it excellent.

      The second time out, I got the pork sandwich, which was good, but simply too much.

      It's a damned shame you missed dessert, though. Last time I was there (last week) I had a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie that absolutely knocked my socks off (and so good with the fresh whipped cream on the side).

      1. Given that Jay is now running two restaurants, I think that he's having trouble maintaining consistent quality. Traffic is way down at Blue Jay's Cafe, even though the meal that we had was quite good.

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          1. re: Melanie Wong


            I'd missed that. Maybe he did ... we've only been there once since Farmer Brown's opened. No wonder the place feels like it's just going through the motions, and the Southern beer was gone.

            In that case, I give Blue Jay 6 months to live.

        1. Yeah, I have to agree with the OP. We wanted to love this place, but were disappointed. The biscuits and cornbread with pepper jelly were the best part of the meal. The punch drink I got was really just OK though the description sounded great ("Ginger Rum Punch: light rum, ginger and hibiscus punch, pineapple and lime juice"). Somehow it managed to be bland. We both got the fried chicken too - and it was totally underseasoned and needed copious amounts of salt.

          I will definitely be back in a while though. I am really hoping they work out the kinks and improve somewhat, because it's a bold move for the owner to open a place like that in this area - he's either going to be heralded as the visionary that started the revitalization of the area, or he's not going to succeed. I don't mind sketchy neighborhoods but I can see some potential customers being totally freaked out by that corner.