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Jun 25, 2006 07:45 PM

Palm Springs rec's

Wife is going down to PS Friday with "the girls" and needs rec's. None of the girls are really picky about food except my wife who cannot tolerate anything near spicy. It would be nice to have a place with wine or a bar if possible.


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  1. Best place in my opinion for food is Zin, right downtown. They have a great wine list but I don't think they have full bar. After dinner St James is fun for drinks, live music as well as Las Casueles (although the food isn't so good there) Have fun!

    1. Zin has decent food but is noisy and crowded. Johannes has better food than Zin imho. Spencers' is lovely to dine al fresco if its not too hot, but they do have misters. Boscoso on the northern end of town has a nice space with decent affordable Italian food.

      1. Check my March posting for a unique food experience in Palm Springs, the "Chilean Red Pepper Health Nut Corner", "Natural Bakery Express", and/or "Home of the Original Palm Springs Date Shakes" (that's one place, not three).

        1. Natural Bakery Express is a small health food/snack shop - not a restaurant and no bar.
          Johannes does have great food and wine but can be too quiet for my group of friends! $$$ but worth it. It will be over 100 in the desert so unless your wife is dining very late I wouldn't do it outside. Zin is less expensive and imho although the tables are close it has a great atmosphere for a group. I also like Matchbox for casual food & drinks with a bar and a nice view of the street. Stay away from Kaiser Grille and Pomme Frite - tourist traps!