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Jun 25, 2006 07:36 PM

Getting Started Tip

Clicking on the underlined words "Getting Started" will actually give instructions on how to use the board.

I thought the only options available were in the drop down list, that is, Etiquette, Manifesto and FAQ. The Help link doesn't give this info, only a link to the User Help board.

So for two days now, I've been learning about the new software through trial and error.

Thank you Toodie Jane, if you hadn't mentioned learning about the difference between tracking and bookmarking in the 'Getting started' menu I never would have found this.

I went back to the getting started menu ... re-read the stuff in the drop down lists ... not there ... where, oh, where is it.

That's when something, uh, 'clicked'.

Nice instructions too. Just wish I wasn't such a dim bulb and it took so long to find.

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  1. WOW !!!

    Here's something I learned about search from reading an unrelated post.

    The search at the top of the screen is BOARD SPECIFIC.

    For example, if you are reading the San Francisco board and enter the word 'cherry', it will only return search results from the SF board for that word.

    From the home page, a search on 'cherry' will return results from all boards.

    This I knew, if you are in any board and hit the search button with no criteria, it will take you to the search board which gives the option of an advanced search. I do wish the advanced option was on every board.

    This would really be nice to put in the getting started section. As I said, I've been using the board since it went up and searching ALOT and didn't get that.