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Jun 25, 2006 07:16 PM

Help! Tomorrow group dinner in the North Shore area...

Hi everyone! I am trying to find a restaurant for a group of 7 people... it's a reunion of sorts, so i want to be able to talk but also want to find a really fun place. We are all in our mid-20s, if that helps at all, and are looking for something around Evanston, Skokie, Winnetka, etc... We are willing to drive into downtown if something down there is best!

Problem is -- a few really plain eaters and then those (like me) that really enjoy all kinds of food, as long as it's good. Thank so much!

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  1. A couple of places to try -

    Lulu's in Evanston - the food is pan-asian and really tasty - also tonight I believe they have their 'Munch-s-brunch' which is for a fixed price you can order just about anything on the menu -

    In skokie for a litle more upcale you can try bonefish grill - excellent seafood but you will need to make a rservation -

    1. What kind of food and price range?
      Some places in Evanston that come to mind are Merle's, Tommy Nevin's, and Lou Malnati's. Are you looking for something not quite that formal?

      Some other ideas in Evanston:
      Davis Street Fish Market
      Trattoria DOC

      1. Some good places for a group imo are:

        Tapas Barcelona
        Koi (Japanese/Chinese)
        That little mexican cafe

        food's pretty good and great drinks.