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Jun 25, 2006 07:15 PM

City Beat's "Next Big Ethnic Craze": Papillion

Saw this piece written by Richard Foss....

noticed there was a filipino restaurant in El Segundo on Main Street called Papillion....anyone here ever go?

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  1. I still haven't made it over there, but there have been some mentions of this place on the board over the years . . . the menu has a lot of vegetarian choices, and vegetarians have seemed to like it best, omnivores have given more mixed ratings. They have a website:

    1. I'm the omnivore that loves it! Plus I always get rave reviews for introducing my vegetarian friends to tasty food. I think that everything on the menu is vegetarian actually.

      I'm definitely not a Phillipino food expert, but if I had to categorize this place I would call it *soy fusion*; not Phillipino (although the proprietor may be Phillipino) Anyway, food is great if you're in El Segundo, want some yummy spice and don't want to spend Second City Brices prices.

      Great Service; egh decor; but it's fine. Then walk across the street for ice cream.

      1. I ate there for the first time recently. I thought it was good, and worth visiting again, but not amazing. To clarify, they have both vegetarian and non-veg versions of most dishes, although they consider their specialty to be the vegetarian dishes. I had the vegetarian house special was a good texture for "fake" chicken, and good flavor overall, but the sauce was too sweet for me. The service was excellent. Prices were low...maybe $7 per entree? Anyway, I would definitely go there again and try other dishes.