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Jun 25, 2006 07:09 PM

Senor Fish- Kind of Fishy (hahaha-sorry)

I feel like a moron because I have now gotten burnt twice by 2 different Mr Fish locations (downtown and Eagle Rock) Tempted by a good write-up about their breakfast a few years back in LA Magazine, I have tried to get breakfast at Mr. Fish. I show up, at 8:30 (downtown a few months ago) and 9 (today) and...NOBODY is there. No hours posted, only scattered mess from yesterday's dinner.

What is up with that? Anyone know whats going on? BTW- they have a huge banner advertising SAT and SUN breakfast.
Well, it did not end up too bad for me- I drove down Colorado and had a good muffin at Europane.

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  1. Umm...sorry....make that Senor Fish. I must be more irritated than I thought.

    1. Agree w/you completely. Have you tried el taco nazo(I heard the name changed) in el monte, Baldwin Park, Pomona, Azusa. It's very good baja fish & shrimp tacos etc. The grilled and seasoned ward Chili peppers on the counter are a nice touch.

      How about LA's favorite: Tacos Baja Ensenada 5385 Whittier Blvd., East L.A.; (323) 887-1980. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Lunch for two, food only, $6­$14. No alcohol. Lot parking. Cash only. Recommended dishes: shrimp ceviche, fish taco, jugo de cahuamanta.

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        Taco Nazo has changed ownership and quality. It used to be my favorite fish taco place, but now is utterly forgettable. Senor Fish is, IMHO, far superior - though never tried it for breakfast.

      2. Thanks, I appreciate the tip but what I really wanted were the pancakes with cajeta that Los Angeles Magazine described.

        Oh well. Fool me once, shame on you....fool me twice....definitely not going back.

        1. I've been to all three of the fish taco places named...taco nazo, tacos baja ensenada and senor fish (eagle rock location). I like all 3 of them, but actually senor fish is my favorite. A very messy ensenado style taco, but really good. I've never been for breakfast. Maybe you should call ahead to make sure they are open? That is annoying though when they don't follow their posted hours.