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Jun 25, 2006 07:01 PM

Acadiana or Vidalia?

Looking for something nice with some Southern flair. Which will it be?

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  1. They are very different. Acadian is pseudo-cajun/creole, not southern. If you want cajun/creole, try RT's in Arlandria. Acadian's concept is better than its cooking.

    Vidalia is southern but not very good. Consider Indigo Landing in Virginia. I hear it is good Southern cooking but I haven't been there.

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    1. re: Dakota Guy

      I've been to Indigo and enjoyed it. We had a good experience there.

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        Have you been to Vidalia lately? It is head and shoulders above where it was 18 monthes ago. Chef Cooper is making some of the best food in the city. Certainly better than anything coming out of Indigo Landing.

      2. Indigo Landing is good but service is a little off. Fried Green Tomatoes are great. Also fun to watch planes landing.

        1. We had a good lunch at Indigo Landing recently. Caveat -- i can't say I have ever had authentic lowcountry cuisine, so my comments are relative to any standard, just how I perceived the food.

          Oyster stew app was rich and buttery, but needed a little zip, or at least salt. Not bad, just needed a little more. As posted above, fried green tomatoes were good. Shrimp and grits were really good. Grits had nice flavor and weren't too heavy. Shrimp could have benefited from a little less time on the grill. Other entree was rockfish, which looking back actually looked more like the skate wing from the menu. It was good, but not exceptional. As for the sides, the collards were outstanding -- smokey and bacony but with nice collardy taste without too much of the strong taste that comes from being cooked for so long. Hoppin John was tasty too -- buttery with nice texture from the black eyes. For desert the home style chocolate cake was good as was the banana desert.

          Service was uneven and we were left to wait an eternity at the end of the meal even though we said we were in a rush to get going. That said, we were there for only there second day of lunch.

          I would definitely go back and with a nice view of the water looking North to the city, it might make for a nice place to take tourist friends that are more inclined for a restaurant with a view.

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          1. re: Jack Burden

            We had an almost identical experience from the dishes to the service. Funny that.

          2. I had a wonderful experience at Vidalia a couple weeks ago. I hadn't been there since before the renovation in 2003. My starter of Spring Pea Soup was fresh and rich, and the Southern Cassoulet (Pork Tenderloin, Pork Belly and a Pork Sausage) was nice, although to be honest, the Pork Belly was the best part, followed by the Sausage. The Tenderloin was boring in comparison). One of my three companions had the Lamb Rib Eye, and I was fortunate enough to be given one of the three little medallions and it was done to perfection. We ordered all four of the side dishes featured that evening, (greens, grits, vidalias and I think potatoes), and finished most of it. Our server was gracious and attentive without being overbearing, and although we declined his suggestion for our first bottle of wine, which turned out to be disappointing, we followed his advice for the second, and realized we should have listened to him in the first place. I'll go back.

            1. I went to Acandiana a few weeks back on a business trip and thought it was very good. I started with the roasted oysters which were reccomended and excellent. They came with a hot fresh mini loaf of crusty bread which was perfect for mopping up the wonderful sauce. My entree was the duck, and I had it with the grits. the combo was great. I don't remember what my friend had, but he really liked his meal as well.