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Guy's Big Bite Debut

At the auspicious hour of 7 AM, Top Chef winner Guy made his Food TV debut. IMHO his cooking is juvenile (steak and Tater Tots), hygiene less than wonderful ("we don't do too much washing around here.."), and not particularly easy to listen to (4 instances of "bassalmic" vinegar). Yes, he was not my favorite anyway. Do they plan to move him to a later hour? Or just hide the show.

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  1. I think I might like having a beer with Guy Fieri, but I am not sure I could handle 30 minutes of slap dash cooking.

    1. I'm a little confused - "Top Chef" winner? That was Harold Dieterle. Do you mean someone on The Food Network "find-a-new-personality" show?

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        Yeah, that's what the original poster meant, "The Next Food Network Star".

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          Indeed, that's what I meant. Thanks.

      2. what happens to those two guys that won last year? Do they just get bumped off? I saw their show like once....that show was always hidden on weekend mornings, where I'm still sleeping.

        7am...yikes....i'm sure the show is catering to the bachelor types....the ones that are manlier and throw stuff together....just the vibe I got from him.

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          Ahemm, us manly bachelor types are not up at 7am.

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            all bachelors have Tivo.

            I'll set it for his next show but from what I've seen in the previews he seems like he's trying too hard to try to get that manly audience....as for the bachelor thing....uhh...yeah, i'm sure a show about frozen chicken breasts, george foreman grills and making quesedillas 4x a week is gonna pan out nicely.....

            "yeah, then you dump BBQ sauce on the hamburger and then cook it with shredded cheddar cheese for 30 seconds in the microwave"

            that would actually be enertaining though....

        2. Seems to me the ultimate goal of Food Network is not the new shows from the new faces, but the drama leading up to finding the new faces.

          Bogus programming if you ask me, just like all those stupid shows on food processing factories, or the worst of the bunch, that Bobby Rivers The 5 Best B.S.

          1. Just saw an ad while flipping channels - Guy's been moved to a 10/9 central spot on Sundays. Not quite as heinous as 7 AM.

            Kathy/Kuisine (formerly KathySK)

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              it's one of those situations where if you have directv on the east coast feed (even if you live on the West Coast) he's on at 7 a.m. on Sundays. I thought for sure they'd repeat it later in the day, but no dice. Meanwhile, if I see that wedding cake special one more time, so help me!

            2. Guy's show is awful. The set looks like it is from a high school play. The whole skater/surfer image as a grown man teaching cooking doesn't click. What's with all the gold jewlery? That contradicts the skater/surfer image. What would you describe his cooking as? TGIF with a touch of Olive Garden? My girlfriend and I thought Carissa would have been the better choice. Her show would have been something like French cooking for dummies. No other show exists like that on the Food Network. Guy brings nothing new to the table and between his look and his wicked, gnarley, bitchin' California surfer accent is unwatchable. Give Carissa a shot.

              1. Uhhh....watched it on my tivo.....

                Guy talks (blabbers) too much.

                He dropped a potato on the floor...picked it up, rinsed it and then just washed it really quick...couldn't they just have shot that scene over again? I mean, really. "Oh look, he's like a regular guy that drops his food on the floor and just dusts it off".

                his knife tecqnique is BAD.....he's just swinging that thing around....he stabbed a bag of spinich in the air to open it....wow....very careless with sharp instruments.

                Food ideas are probably good for watching games or something...parties, guy food, etc.....he just seems trying to hard to be "cool"

                1. Not sure if anyone noticed but this past Sunday's episode was chock full of editing mistakes...clips playing out of sequence, etc.

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                    Anyone wanna hazard a guess as to the production budget for this "entertainment"? Cab fare and free groceries? No, I've got it, a couple of six packs for Guy and the crew.

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                      I noticed. It was REALLLY bad. I liked the shot of the camera.

                    2. I knew Guy wasn't going to be good television. I wanted the black guy to win, cant remember his name now but he was much more endearing to the camera/audience and had a great sense of humility and humour. Guy talks at people not to them and his ability to relate his food knowledge is horrendously poor. He's choppy with his verbiage as he is dangerous with his knives. I notice his show isn't airing, could it be the foodnetwork became worried and pulled it? I didnt so much think his recipes were awful but could not stand listening to him or watching him and knew I wouldnt be able before he won. Doesnt have anything to do with his manly/guy style of speaking or cooking, he's just bad tv.

                      1. I ate at his place when I lived there...Johnny Garlic's. Loved the food. That was back in 1999-2001. I heard his show was cancelled.

                        Why are those two other guys still on tv...from the year before?

                        1. LOL, I just ate ther last weekend, Tex Wasabis. The place can be best described as Chevy's meets a frat house. Everyone under 25, 64 oz drinks and a loud juke box.

                          1. I happened to catch their show (Party Line) on Sat. morning. They're pretty funny.

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                              IMHO, Party Line with the Hearty Boys is the best show on FN. It's the only one, besides Michael C and Mario, that will make me pause when I flip by. They're entertaining, they know their stuff, and they have some unique recipes and general good ideas. I've made a couple of their things, and that's more than I can say for other FN chefs.

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                                You know, I have been watching their shows, and you are right. Good recipes, easy to watch show, helpful information. Go Guys.

                            2. I really fail to see how the FN can expect any of their FN Star's winners to succeed when they premiere their shows at 7am on a Sunday.

                              1. I dig it~ What are the 2 shows?

                                1. so is guy's show cancelled? I noticed that he did 2 one hour shows. one show on kitchen gadgets and another on diners. Does this mean he is heading in another direction on food network?

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                                    I have never seen his "regular" show, but I did see his special on the diners. That was pretty good. So from what I am reading here, I guess I won't be picking up any good cooking tips from this guy, eh?!!

                                    Maybe FN realized that and plan to send him by way of the shows like "Unwrapped" or "Top 5"??

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                                      According to the FN site, Guy has been signed up for 13 new episodes in 2007.

                                    2. Guy's Show does indeed Bite! In the fish taco episode his strange friends forgot to wash their paws. I then started to question the entire show how weird.

                                      1. I also enjoy this show, one of my weekly dvr recordings!