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Jun 25, 2006 05:26 PM

Another voice to the chorus - hate the new format

Ugh!!! Not only is the font too big, but there's far too much "white" space. (Not all of it is actually white, but you know what I mean. . .) So much wasted space is annoying to look at.

Does it all have to look like, oh, I don't know, like tan cards sitting on a beige background? Too crowded is no good, but too much wasted space is annoying to look at. Also, for some reason, the image you are producing is too wide for my screen. Why doesn't it just all fit?

If you want to see a really, really good looking set of forums, go look at I'm pretty sure they even sell their software. That's not set up to have the heirarchical threads within each forum, the way this needs to be, it's more of an ongoing conversation, so it's probably not exactly what you need, but is a wonderfully user friendly, easy to read website.

I'm sure you're adding all kinds of zippity do dah new features here and I know there was a rush and these things take time and you're responding to concerns and complaints, but this is really appalling. I was much happier with the old site. Please, please, please do something so I want to keep coming here.

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  1. I'll chime in too, now that I'm registered. That was a chore, and thanks to Chris for helping me fix it. I'll start with that, since it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere I could find:

    You CANNOT have a username (at least right now) that ends in a period. If you do, you will never be able to login and you'll end up in an endless loop and get frustrated like me. :) Might be a good idea to mention that somewhere.

    Speaking of which, all of this was a huge shock. I was at the old site a few days ago, and I saw no mention of any changes coming. So today I go to visit and I see this -- I have to tell you, my first reaction was that I had picked up a virus and that my browser was being hijacked to somewhere I didn't want to go. My second was that the domain name had been taken over by some other outfit. Once I realized it was mostly the same people, I went looking for some explanation and found NOTHING. C'mon, folks, give us an announcement, something in News, something! Tell the story of why you changed, all the good things this new stuff will do for us, etc. etc. Please.

    So once I figured out what was what, I encountered a bug (reported) relating to the links at the bottom of the page. On my machine, if you try to browse the site using those, after a couple of different pages your browser will freeze if you try to go to a subsequent page. Be advised, maybe it's happening to others.

    Onto the new look. Every other message board I have frequented over the years made changes at some point, and in every case I hated it afterwards. Right now, this is no different. I really don't like it much, for the reasons most others who have expressed dislike have stated: the fonts, the lack of posts per page, the overall look. I'll probably get used to it eventually. But I don't like it a whole lot right now. Maybe if I better understood exactly what has changed, the reasons for the changes, and the thought behind some of way things are the way they are it would be easier to swallow.

    Sorry not to be more enthusiastic. I guess I just don't like surprises when it comes to things I care about.