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Jun 25, 2006 05:15 PM

Pastrami & Reuben Sandwiches in SF

Why is it so hard to find good NY style sandwiches in SF? Any recommendations?

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  1. Here are a couple recent threads that the search engine turned up to get you started.

    C'mon people, what else have you found out there?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Thanks. I did have a pastrami sandwich at Togos at Potrero Center that wasn't half bad. I've been to Yellow Submarine (Irving & 6th) 3 times now (the second 2 against my will) and couldn't believe how bad their sandwiches & potato planks were.

    2. i just had the pastrami sandwich from golden gate meat in the fery building for the first time yesterday. it's $7 and packed full of meat. it must've been at least a 1/2 lb. served on a nice large section of italian bread. i actually wasn't able to eat it fresh at the market. i bought it home, added a little grated monterey jack, and heated it up in the oven (8 min @ 400). it turned out really wonderful. the meat was tender, flavorful and beautifully smokey.

      i'm not sure if they use david's pastrami, which they sell by the pound, or if it's their own. i've had david's a few times and it never tasted like this.

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      1. re: brian j

        David's makes pastrami using a few different cuts. The navel cut isn't seen much, as the deli counters I've talked to who carry David's say the customers don't understand that fat is good. (g) But that would be the one for pastrami afficionados.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          On the theme of fat pastrami, Smart & Final carries two types of pastrami in 2 lb packages. Very lean, and nicely fat. Sells for about $5 lb...very good stuff, especially the fatty.

      2. haven't found anything that satisfies the ny pastrami need, but the most soulful pastrami rendition i've found around here is, strangely enough, the wednesdays-only pastrami at memphis minnie's bbq. go figure. the style is nothing like a ny pastrami sandwich; the bread is wrong, the meat slicing not right. but somehow it evokes a pastrami from katz's for me in some cosmic way or something. it's good and boy that pastrami doesn't skimp on the fat. they do an almost too-cute riff in using their carolina mustard style bbq sauce in the sandwich, but it actually works really well. it's kind of like how pizzaiolo pizza somehow evokes the soulfulness of the pizza from difara's in brooklyn for me, even though there's not much similarity technically. sorry no dice on your question though, good luck searching.

        1. You might like the hot pastrami sandwich at May's on 14th just around the corner from Market. It's actually called M&L Market but they make sandwiches, and they make their own pastrami which I find really, really tasty. The sandwiches are also very cheap!

          Warning - if you don't order your type of bread first, you will get yelled at.

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          1. re: celeste

            That's the place next to Woodward's Fish, isn't it?

            It is not an easy place to spot. However, when I saw the sign for pastrami in the window, a light clicked on. They were closed though when I was there.

            I still want to lure someone into trying the 'classic ruben pannini' from 750 Kearny in the Chinatown Hilton. Hey, it is served with parmesan shoestring potatoes, chili-lime fruit salad or tossed baby greens. Is that authentic or what?


            I agree that, in this area I still would prefer a pastrami sandwich from a haufbrau than a deli. It is hot, thick cut and no nonscense. I forget the name, but up near Albertson's on Mission, almost in Daly City there is a chicken place that has a haufbrau in it. The pastrami wasn't too bad, but it's been over a year since I've been there.

          2. Moishe's Pippic has a decent Pastrami Sandwich if you are looking for a Chicago style sandwich(although never been to or being familiar with the Chicago style, I cannot vouch for it's authenticity). I did run into two friend who are from Chicago eating there, though they had the hot dogs.