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Jun 25, 2006 05:08 PM

seeking best ja jang myun noodles in brown sauce

i've been going to this ja jang myun noodle restaurant on kissena blvd in flushing for the last 10 years. they made the noodles in house, you can actually hear the pounding of the hand pulled noodles while you ate. they also served the best mool mandu, korean steamed dumpling. last year, i went back (i live in the bay area) and sadly, they closed shop and i am desparately trying to find out where they went or if anyone can recommend the best ja jang myun noodles in brown sauce in the queens. i'm coming in aug and would like to plan for this meal.

thank you all!

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  1. guh song, 47-24 bell blvd in bayside.

    1. How do you get there? I've been staring at maps all day (subway, bus, city) to try and see if it's a reasonable distance to travel from Brooklyn. Checked, but when I select subway only, it leaves me at Main Stop off the 7... Is that even CLOSE?

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        you can also take the lirr train to the bayside station, which drops you off just west of bell blvd near 42nd ave. from there, you can take a bus or walk 1/2 mile south on bell to around 48th ave. restaurant's near the corner of bell and 48 (west side of street)

      2. funny. ny times just ran an article about the place. i went last night and the owner, a good friend of my family, was expressing how much more non-koreans have started to fill up the place and how busy she has been! ahh, the nyt effect..

        anyway, the best way to get there is unfortunately a ride to main st (7 train) and then a 15-20 minute ride on a bus. i believe the Q27 runs nearby - it will drop you off a couple of blocks from the place...

        otherwise, as the nyt writer notes - hop in a car.

        1. lucymom, that place on kissena must be thinking of haejo, right? i think it's been closed for a while now. i haven't heard anything about them reopening or the chefs/owners having moved elsewhere.

          1. linda, $20 says that meehan dude from the ny times just ripped off of your guh song posts in order to find out about this place. maybe it's the cynic in me but i get the feeling that a lot of the nyc food critics out there just troll electronic food boards like chowhound and bite off of others' ideas, then write a glorious review exposing this "find" as their own. rather than doing any legwork on their own. maybe you don't care either way, but don't you find it funny that you always hype up guh song and all of a sudden it gets "discovered" and written up in the times? you're like the only person on chowhound that consistently hypes up this place, then meehan comes out of nowhere with a review and then the place gets flooded with curious newcomers. coincidence? i think not. personally i think a lot of these food critics are lazy and rely on people like you to do the work for them, then they swoop in, go once, write a glowing review, and act like it was their find all along. they're not true hounds, but i guess nothing can stop them, right?

            i should keep this topic food-specific so as not to incur the moderators' wrath. ok, i've been to guh song a number of times over the years and i do think it's pretty good. oldie but goodie, known by most koreans in the flushing-bayside corridor. sam won gak gets more hype but this place has a little more soul, at least i think so. (please, no "soul/seoul" puns; the mainstream media beat that horse to death years ago.) is it the best in queens? i don't know about that. but i can't name one place that's better right now, mainly because i haven't been in ny for a while now and haven't had a chance to check out new places. last time i was in queens, though, there were a bunch of new korean-chinese places. i tried the one on northern around 150th or so; name might've been keum mun do or something like that. wasn't very good; for now i'll say guh song is a perfectly fine place to check out, but i have to think there's got to be better in queens. no disrespect to guh song at all, but i'm just saying that as someone who always assumes there's a hidden gem out there. flushing/bayside's so big, i'll bet something's out there. can't check it out on my own til i come back to ny, tho.

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              balhae - what an interesting perspective. as cynical as i am, perhaps i'm a bit naive in hoping that journalists are discovering their own "hidden gems". but alas, the internet is an anonymous, public forum and who knows where all of our chatterings about our personal favorites end up.

              if i start to see more articles about the random korean places i recommend over and over again... i'm going to have to make a big hissy fit over at nyt. ;-)

              anyway - onto bigger and better topics - korean food!

              kum mun do (gold door), the one that is across the street from KFC on northern, used to be next door to the han yang supermarket. it was there for a good number of years but then there was a huge fire that apparently burnt the place down. after an absence, they moved to its current location, but i don't know many korean peeps that have gone back. i was never a fan of the original place anyway - nothing special.

              i prefer the tofu place next door to it (book chang dong aka BCD).

              as for sam won gahk - there are 2 locations: the one on northern by parsons and then the one on northern and springfield. i definitely prefer the springfield outpost - i just always felt like the quality of food was better than the flushing one, for some reason. i have had some subpar meals at the flushing one and haven't been back in ages.

              so yes, i just stick to my family favorite of guh song for my fixing of jja jjang myun. :-)

              1. re: Linda

                haha with all due respect, if you don't think meehan ripped off of your guh song posts, then you are naive. but i say that respectfully to you, someone who actually knows what she's talking about, vs. meehan, who may or may not. i personally don't think he's completely clueless, but i do follow his reviews all the time since he's the regular "$25 and under" reviewer and i notice that his reviews closely follow internet chatter, whether it's baden baden, lucali, and so forth. but i should give the guy the break, he's just exploiting an all-too-easy lead for his next article, right? it just seems kind of lame to me.

                as for kum mun do, you know what? i think i remember the old location, but i didn't make the connection til you just mentioned it. doesn't matter either way, since the place wasn't all that. as for bcd - i'm surprised that you as a korean think it's good. i mean last time i was in flushing i was really disappointed by it (also speaking as a one). i remember the bit go eul place on roosevelt used to be all right for soon doo boo but i heard that place is blah as well. basically a lot of the old standbys are getting worse, with a few exceptions, while newer places keep showing up. next time i'm in ny i'm going to have to do some exploring.

                as for sam won gak, i also went there (flushing branch) on my last trip to ny. not my choice, and predictably it was not good. their tang soo yook is atrocious. if bayside's better than the flushing branch, it's only bc flushing's that bad, dontcha think? guh song over either sam won gak is a slam dunk as far as i'm concerned.

              2. re: balhae

                There was discussion about this on the Food Media board.


                1. re: Brian S

                  thanks for that link. something tells me i'll probably have a word or two to add to it.