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Jun 25, 2006 04:19 PM

nooodles's metamorphosis

Like the site, I'm ready for something new. My silly old made-up-on-a-whim name is fun to type (and very fun to say out loud), but causes too much confusion because not everyone notices the third and very special o. Therefore, I'm taking the creation of the new site as an opportunity to go with the handle that matches my website: Pei.

Great job on the new site, CH Team! It'll take some getting use to, but I'm already noticing some fun new features. I especially love the more topic-specific boards and the ability to read all the posts at once. Still trying to figure out how you can immediately spot the new posts when you revisit a thread later, but I'm sure it's been explained somewhere. Happy eating!

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  1. Look for a little box that says "New", it will display just beneath the title of a new thread when you are looking at the board "index", it will also display within threads, the right of the name of a poster who has replied since you last visited the thread.

    1. Yeah but - there needs to be a marker when you are looking at the board index that tells you that a thread you have previously visited has new replys since you last visited. So that you don't have to call up the thread and review all the replies looking for the magic "new."

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      1. re: yayadave

        Dave, we are seeing the new button on the board indexes, just below the title of the thread, as noted above. Can you please call up a few of the boards and confirm that you also see this. Of course this will only occur when there has been some new activity on any given board.

        1. re: The Chowhound Team

          On a related note, even though the thread is marked "New", you still have to re-read the entire thread to find that one post that was added. It would be great if the posts could also be individually marked "New".

          This is similar to the search issue that I mentioned in another thread, where you search for the thread, then have to search again within the thread to find what you're looking for.

          Generally speaking it is much more convenient in many situations to be able to view threads separately, and have links to them marked as read or not read, the way it was with the old software. That being said, I like the full-thread-on-one-page display when I am reading a thread for the first time.

          1. re: tuskless

            Actually, as mentioned - an individual marker of some type for the new post within a thread (that you could spot while scrolling through the thread) would be enough for me because I really do love the all one page thread.

            1. re: krissywats

              There is a "new" flag to the right of the words, for example,

              "about 3 hours ago krissywats replied to tuskless"

              for threads that are new since the last time you opened the topic. Are you not seeing that on new posts?

              1. re: krissywats

                It's there, but it's pretty small and it's buried in the text (i.e., it's in the middle of the line surrounded by the text of the previous and new post) and not easy to see.

                It would be nice if it were in the indent space on the left margin -- maybe an arrow on the margin pointing to the new post, so you could see it on a quick scroll down.

                1. re: krissywats

                  Ruth, I've bumped up against the nesting limit.

                  Here's where the "new flags" and possible solutions are being discussed.