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Jun 25, 2006 04:13 PM

Local Ice Cream Parlor in Westchester

I've been trying to find some really good local ice cream parlors with house made cream, funky flavors, neighborhood feel - what I remember for Eddie's in Forest Hills when I was a kid - Eddie used to push each scoop off of the scooper with his fingers - drove the old folks nuts - we loved the place.

Although the cream at Frankie's in Dobbs Ferry is really good (but its mostly a pizza parlor), I haven't found it in the burbs yet. Where is the good cream at?

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  1. Very simple: Paleteria Fernandez in Port Chester is not to be missed. Best darn home made ice cream and shakes/drinks around. $1.25 for a scoop or $2.50 for a bar. They even have 2 sugar free options!

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      Kydd - thanks. The ice cream and ices are amazing. Some of the very best I've tried.

    2. Another good one is Longford's in Rye. The Oreo Bomb might possibly be more Oreo than ice cream. You can get a bite of ice cream with almost an entire Oreo in it. mmmmmm.. ice cream's good too. Nice and creamy. When they make a chocolate malt milkshake, they're spotty, but if you get the right person to make it, they're excellent.

      1. Yum, Eddies. I still remember their big bowl of fresh whipped cream!! I also remember the hot fudge sundaes from Addie Valens on Continental Avenue in Forest Hills.

        BTW, is Eddies still as good as it used to be (and reasonably priced)? My father lives maybe 10 minutes from there, my kids would love that place!

        1. Blue Pig in Croton has really good ice cream. No indoor seating, just benches and picnic tables outside. A great place to grab a cup or cone and people-watch.

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          1. re: marieber

            I used to love Blue Pig. Then it got sold and the new owner didn't make the interesting flavors that my family and I really liked (like coconut).

            Then Umami started having a good dessert menu, so we just eat dessert there instead of going to BP.

            Then we decided that the food at the Fishkill Umami was better than at the Croton location, so we started going there instead.

            1. re: MisterBill2

              I didn't know Blue Pig was sold. I was wondering where the banana cream pie ice cream went!! (I also love coconut)

              It's still good, though.

          2. Main Street Sweets in Tarrytown would get my vote. Has that old ice cream shop feel.

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            1. re: ltlevy

              Yeah, I guess Main Street Sweets is comparable, although I wasn't thrilled with their flavors, either (of course, when I go back to Eddie's I probably won't like it now either).

              1. re: MisterBill2

                At Main Street Sweets, try the Main Street Special -- coffee base, fudge, nuts -- oh my.