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Jun 25, 2006 04:10 PM

Restaurants around Westin Waterfront

I'm gonna be staying at the new Westin Waterfront hotel next week and I'm just wondering if there are any exceptional non-fancy seafood or "local" restaurants within walking distance or a short T-ride. My budget is about $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch and $40 for dinner (w/o alcohol). Also, any Sunday brunch that I must not miss??

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  1. It's still kind of desolate and underdeveloped in that neighborhood. A few thoughts:

    Lucky's -- a decent faux-Rat-Pack kind of bar with casual food, really better than you might expect given its hard-partying-after-work Financial District and courthouse crowd. Pretty good value at lunch and dinner, doing 50s-vintage chophouse classics and the usual bar-food suspects.

    Eastern Pier Seafood -- huge menu of Hong Kong style seafood and Westernized Sichaun and other Chinese dishes. The only place I like in its strip of waterfront places, though you'd be better served going to Chinatown's live-tank seafood places.

    Channel Cafe -- good, casual, reasonably-priced, fresh-tasting breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tasty and healthy, with some vegetarian-friendly dishes. Very good coffee. Popular with the artist community with live/work studios nearby.

    Mul's Diner -- a bit of a haul (a good 15-minute walk), but a fine little old-school diner with excellent, big breakfasts for short money.

    1. Dry Dock Seafood is a 5-10 minute walk away and so worth it! They are incredibly friendly, though maybe only open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays. It's well-within your budget.

      Their seafood chowder is amazing and chock-full of several shellfish varieties. The portions are large and pretty much everything is really great, but standouts for me are the Buffalo Scallop appetizer special, the swordfish special (huge, beautiful cut), and the broiled special of scallops, shrimp, and cod. They also really know their way around the fryer (fish sandwich or with chips) and the clams are reported to be excellent. The fries are the batter-dipped institutional variety (which I like but many don't...) and the coleslaw is very garlicky, as is the tartar sauce. Other rave about the Reuben and gyro as well, but I don't veer off the seafood side of the menu.

      Another good option is Yankee Lobster, but it's mostly takeout (few seats, crowded, and noisy) and you should call ahead as it takes a while as they cook to order.

      The Fargo Deli across the street from the Westin inside the lobby at 68 Fargo is GREAT for breakfast, and OK for lunch if you stick to the grilled items and some sandwiches -- avoid the steam table "specials". Their chicken kabob is generally decent. The portions are large. The coffee needs work here (Starbucks is a couple of blocks away across the D street bridge).

      Avoid No Name (bad), Jimmy's (old, bad, and overpriced), Anthony's (old and overpriced), Daily Catch Fan Pier (truly horrible), and Aura (new, loud, weird, and overpriced) in the Seaport Hotel. The new Legal Test Kitchen sounds interesting but plagued with service problems at peak times (see other posts on this board for more). The Barking Crab is great for drinks only -- their food has good done in quality and up in price this season.

      1. As an update Jimmy's is closed for renovation. Also, the bar at the Seaport Hotel has nice views and very reasonable bar menu.