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Jun 25, 2006 03:55 PM

Need recs for Greenville, SC bridesmaid luncheon

Hi, all fellow chowhounds! My Mom, sister and I are going to host a bridesmaid luncheon in Greenville, SC in late September. About 12 guests. Would like to find a place with some decent, reasonably-priced lunch food in either an historic setting or a restaurant where we can be in a separate room or something along those lines. Any suggestions would REALLY be appreciated. I have counted on chowhounds for years now to steer me in the right direction and they have never let me down yet. Hoping someone can help. BTW, looked at Walnut Lane Inn, Pettigru Place, and the Westin Poinsett. Any feedback on these places?

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  1. I'm sorry you aren't getting any replies, I was looking forward to reading them.

    The only thing that springs to mind for me is Mary's Restaurant overlooking Falls Park. The food just comes in at your "decent" requirement, but it IS a historic building and the setting w/ the riotous flowers in falls park is a great one. I'm condidering doing my parent's 50th anniversary there, in spite of the food, and in spite of the parking issues. Although I think they are opened every day for lunch, you might be able to reserve the upstairs.

    I've heard the food at the Westin Restaurant is bad, but I expect that from hotels, and I don't know HOW bad since I have not been there myself.

    Speaking of historic, the Greenville History Museum rents itself for events, but I suppose that's overkill for 12 people. The Greenville Women's Club and the Kilgore Lewis house both rent their facilities. They quoted me $600 and $300 for a 3 hour party respectively, I don't know if they allow shorter events. Of course you would then need a caterer. Good Luck, please post your experience.

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      The Brick Street Cafe in the West End has great atmosphere. My friends and I threw a tea party for a girlfriend's birthday there and it was great. They even have a cozy area downstairs that is perfect for such an occasion. I think the rental for the room is around $35. You can't beat that. And the food is phenomenal.

      Check out the Special Events tab for more info. Or if you are in the area stop by and ask to check it out.