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Jun 25, 2006 03:52 PM

Tre Monte

Once again my hound posters haven't let me down...went to Tre Monte for the first time last night. EXCELLENT. DC and I split an order of mussels marinara-they were perfectly tender and free of any grit, loads of garlic and fresh basil...perfect. Followed by a caesar which was fine, nothing earth shattering except the enormous portion. The freshly grated parm tableside would have been preferable to the smaller grained grated on salad but it was fine just the same. I had fettucini with scallops and procuitto in a cream sauce which is a total deviation for me entree wise all the way around. I never order pasta and I never order cream sauce but this dish was fantastic. DC had shrimp scampi which I did not sample. I also ordered a side of sauteed spinach, again good but not great but I can forgive easily given the rest of the meal. We had a lava cake to finish which was over done but again...hey for $50 a person including two glasses of wine each (loads of leftovers) and a generous tip I'll definitely be back. Only truly negative comment-the demeanor of the owner and the waitress-brusque, unfriendly...

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  1. Wow, I think I had that same dish (fettucini with scallops) and thought it was SO bland, and pasta was a bit overcooked. And I found the owner and the waitress to be really friendly. I will have to try this place again sometime because I've heard such raves.

    1. Funny, I like very full flavors of things and I thought it was just perfect. I have yet to find a really reliable Italian restaurant on the North Shore (I miss my favs. in NY) but I liked this place. Maybe the owner was in a mood...he sent us to the "back room" like we were "bad girls" and I thought that was pretty funny but his demeanor was not.

      1. 4chowpups- Have you tried Abbondanza on Main Street in Everett? Great food, great bread, friendly staff. The pasta is homemade. The portions are large, so we ordered two apps and one entree. They also tailored the meal to our suiting- we ordered a seafood dish, and my DC does not like shrimo, and they were happy to accomodate us. Worth a try.

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          Agreed, good food there. A bit nicer than I had expected- we felt underdressed in shorts and casual shirts.

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            I have only had their fish entrees, which are great. I do want to try their "red sauce" items on a future visit. Last time I was there, there was a large table of "regulars" who were ordereing salads and lots of the parm type dishes. I love chicken parm, and would love to find a place nearby that serves a good shicken parm.( though, believe it or not, Casa Mia on Main Street in Melrose has a GREAT chicken parm sandwich)

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            Thanks for the recommendation Macca, I will have to try it. I like Tonninos in Saugus but I don't go very often and I only order the calamari fra diavlo when I do because I am usually craving it; so I cannot vouch for other dishes.

          3. I have been to Tre Monte 3 times in the last year. I love the food and tolerate the service. I sum it up like this: Fantastic food, diner-like service. The waitress calls me "Hun", the wine glasses have lipstick on them, the water never gets refilled.

            The best was when I called on a Saturday afternoon and asked the owner for a reservation for that evening. His response "That's not gonna happen" then hung up.

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              Cracks me up...that is the exact demeanor we received also and I have worked for every type of restaurant owner so I wasn't too put off but highly amused, thinking ONLY IN MA.!!!

            2. Please try La Stanza Diva just around the corner from Tre Monte. The atmosphere is unusual, a hodge-podge of tables, chairs and tableware, but the food is phenomenal! After one dinner you'll be asking Tre Who???

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              1. re: tweetie

                Thanks Tweetie, I will have to go there. I remember someone posting about this place too (was it you?) and I recently overheard some women talking about it in a store. I'll post back once I go!