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need rec 4 burger or other lunch betw. N Brunswick and Flemington

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I'll be heading from New Brunswick to the Flemington area, taking Amwell Rd. (route 514) on through the Neshanic area, up route 629 to Pleasant Run area. Can anyone give me a good burger or other luch spot along the way? Thanks in advance!


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  1. There's quite a few quick/inexpensive places on Route 206 near Amwell. At that intersection there's a shopping center (Shop Rite, I think) and there is a bagel shop which makes decent sandwiches. There are several strip centers just north of the intersection...on the southbound side there's a deli called Catered Affair which makes nice sandwiches. There's a Charlie Brown's a little north of the intersection of 514/206. A little further north on Rt.206 there's Old Man Rafferty's. If you like falafel, there's a middle eastern place on Rt.206 (Montgomery Shopping Center & movie theater) - I believe it is just south of the of 514/206, on the northbound side.