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Jun 25, 2006 03:43 PM

need rec 4 burger or other lunch betw. N Brunswick and Flemington

I'll be heading from New Brunswick to the Flemington area, taking Amwell Rd. (route 514) on through the Neshanic area, up route 629 to Pleasant Run area. Can anyone give me a good burger or other luch spot along the way? Thanks in advance!


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  1. There's quite a few quick/inexpensive places on Route 206 near Amwell. At that intersection there's a shopping center (Shop Rite, I think) and there is a bagel shop which makes decent sandwiches. There are several strip centers just north of the intersection...on the southbound side there's a deli called Catered Affair which makes nice sandwiches. There's a Charlie Brown's a little north of the intersection of 514/206. A little further north on Rt.206 there's Old Man Rafferty's. If you like falafel, there's a middle eastern place on Rt.206 (Montgomery Shopping Center & movie theater) - I believe it is just south of the of 514/206, on the northbound side.