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Jun 25, 2006 02:58 PM

Need family-friendly Italian/American in Philly tonight...

Hi everyone - this is my first time posting to ChowHound. I live out near King of Prussia and am not very familiar with the city. My cousins from Toronto (husband, wife, and 2 kids ages 8-ish and 13-ish) are visiting TONIGHT (Sunday), staying at the Embassy Suites at 1776 Ben Franklin Pkwy. They're arriving in the late afternoon after a long drive, so we'd like to meet them for dinner somewhere close to their hotel. We're looking for an American or Italian restaurant (or possibly Greek or Japanese) that is family friendly and also has vegetarian options. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!!


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  1. Chinatown is really close by. There's a place on Arch Street and about 9th or 10th called Banana Leaf which is Malaysian and also has sushi options. Across the street, there's a Japanese restraurant called, Max.. I think. Chinatown "starts" at about 11th street and Arch Street and there are numerous options there. For a family style dinner, I would highly suggest Ocean Harbor between 10th and 11th on Race Street. There are Vietnamese restaurants--two of them, directly across from each other, on 10th. The area around B F. Pkwy, (I live by here) where your family is staying doesn't really have restaurants that are open on weekends as it's more of a business district. Right near their hotel is a pub called Mace Crossing, and a TGI Fridays. If you walk down 17th/16th past Market St., there are some pubs like Monks Belgium Beer Emporium. They have veggie burgers and such but is a little less family friendly. On 13th and Chestnut, there's the typical Olive Garden. On Broad (15th street), there are all kinds of restaurants lining the avenue.

    1. Toronto has great Asian restaurants, but a few in Philadelphia's Chinatown may be able to compete:

      Vietnam 221 N. 11th St., 215-592-1163

      Shiao Lan Kung 930 Race 215-928-0282
      Salt-baked seafood, wok-fried greens and steamed dumplings

      Lee How Fook 219 N 11th St 215-925-7266
      hot pots; steamed whole striped bass; Chinese greens

      Szechuan Tasty House 92 Arch Street 215-925-2839
      Great if you like spicy food. The friendly staff will help you order dishes new to you.

      Why not indulge in a little drive or cab ride to one of the city's excellent Italian restaurants. For example:

      L’Angolo Ristorante Italiano BYOB 1415 Porter St., 215-389-4252

      You'll have to check to be sure your choice is open Sunday night.

      1. Gnocci - Just off South Street at Passyunk.

        With kids in tow, Bucca Di Beppo is always an option, though a chain. Around 16th-ish and Spruce, or there abouts. behind the Kimmel Center...