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Jun 25, 2006 02:11 PM

It's Lychee Season!

Does anyone else on this board love fresh lychees? Many of the local lychee crops were destroyed by Hurricane Wilma last year (it affected the beginning of their growing season). But fortunately there are some groves down in Homestead that were spared. I picked up 6 pounds yesterday from a local source I know and wow are they delicious! I managed to get my hands on some Brewsters, which are scarcest in our area. They're now sitting in our freezer (after a wash in acidulated water); our favorite way to eat them in this disgusting summer heat. (It's like eating grapes from the freezer, but better.)

I can't wait to have a lychee martini! Does anyone have a favorite bar for lychee martinis?

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  1. WHERE!!!! I've been looking for lychees and have found none. I take that back, I called Robert is Here and they had some, but for $7.00 a pound which I thought was outrageous. I've gone down Old Cutler and Krome to no avail. I even tried my trusty Chinese market and they said they haven't gotten many this year. I need to get some soon to freeze for the rest of the year. They were my favorite treat during the electricity deprived days after Wilma.

    Favorite lychee martini? Shoji Sushi.

    1. I have to get to Shoji Sushi. Thanks for the rec.

      As for the lychees, go to They are local and their groves are around the corner from Flamingo Gardens in Broward. They don't have any of their own to sell this year, so sad, but have been getting their supplies from growers in Homestead. They're so nice that if you're closer to Homestead, I'll bet you could email them and they would recommend a grove down there. (That might bring your price down too, since you'd be cutting out the middle man.)

      I did pay $7 a pound, but for the Brewsters, which are considered better b/c they're larger and sweeter than many other varieties. I just don't think it's going to get much cheaper this year. As for more expensive -- go see what Whole Foods is charging for a tiny little box!!!