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Jun 25, 2006 01:32 PM

Electric stoves

My husband and I are moving to a different house, and the only downside is that there is no natural gas in the entire neighborhood. We live in the Phoenix area, and it seems that in the 70s there was a natural gas shortage, and entire neighborhoods were built with no natural gas lines.

I HATE electric stoves! But I am going to have to adapt. Can anyone help me in my search for the least objectionable model and type? Generally, the reason I hate them is because they heat and cool more slowly than gas stoves, and because it's difficult to tell by looking which burners are hot I've had a tendency to set off smoke alarms because I have turned off the burner that I wanted to be hot and turned on the burner under a pan that was supposed to be on low. And then there is the issue with my cats, who must explore new spaces and will no doubt be wandering across the stove at some point and I don't want burned kitty toes.

I've thought of propane but that is probably a huge deal because you have to get your tank refilled by a propane truck, so I'm pretty much resigned to electric.

The up-side of the move is that we will have almost an acre of land and I intend to acquire some chickens post haste, so eventually I may have some lovely fresh eggs.

kittyfood (pka Sarah C)

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  1. You are in luck Induction cooking has hit the USA in a big way...electric, more efficient than gas, more btu's and instantaneous control.....
    a number of manufacturers have them (they are big in Europe and Asia..
    Here is a link from Sears...which will give you the complete story...with videos even!!!

    1. If induction does not work out for you I can assure you that Propane is no big deal. I bought a house already on propane and heard horror stories but that was all they turned out to be. propane is clean and efficient

      1. Hmmm -- induction sounds great but it looks like it only comes in cooktops so far, and they're pretty expensive. I will do some research but not sure I want to spend nearly $2,000 just for the cooktop and then more for the oven. Plus, my husband says the current cabinets which we intend to reuse are set up for a free standing range.

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          I couldn't find any freestanding stoves either..when I googled...Apparently in the rest of the world the prices are much lower.....
          I am including a link from a Washington Post the history...pricing problems, mention of Consumer Reports Review etc...
          Propane sounds like a nice could even connect an outdoor gas BBQ to

        2. If I were in your situation I'd convert to propane. A 250-gallon tank wouldn't need refilling very often if you're using propane just for cooking. Lots of rural dwellers around here use it. I've cooked in propane-fired kitchens, and it was fine. I hate electric cooktops, too, but have no problem with electric ovens.


          1. Look for ovens that have hidden burners on the bottom and recessed burners on the top; you have more usable space that way and can get food lower or higher as needed. Amana has some like this that are affordable and attractive.