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Jun 25, 2006 12:25 PM

Tuna Salad My Way

I occasionally make tuna salad for sandwiches. The reason for making tuna salad is to have a meal that is high in omega-3 PUFA and to reduce my cholesterol intake.

I like canned albacore tuna but it has a higher probability of having mercury content than the canned light tuna. I don't like the smell and taste of light tuna but it has a lower probability of containing mercury. To offset the traits of light tuna I mix it with albacore and , of all things, a can of sardines which also have negative gustatorial traits. The sardines are very high in omega-3. There is a positive synergistic effect of the combination of the light tuna and sardines, they offset each other.

Take a 6 oz. can of each type of tuna and a can of sardines, mix them in a bowl after draining the tuna. Add diced onion, diced celery, mayonnaise, a little mustard, and optionally, some ground red pepper. Spread on bread and chow down.

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  1. Sardines! I have forgotten all about them. My childhood included my mother's appreciation for a can with lemon juice and saltines. I will have to try your Tuna creation. Thanks

    1. I was also a big sardine fan as a kid. Nothing like some King Oscars packed in oil with a side of saltines! ChiliDude, I share your distaste for light tuna. I bought some by mistake recently and when I got a whiff of the stuff, I could've sworn I had opened cat food (but I don't have a cat). What type of mustard do you like in your tuna salad concoction?

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        Sorry for being 5 years late with the response to your question about mustard. I like spicy mustard.

      2. My wife uses lots of cut up veggies in her tuna. It is delicious. She uses tomato, green onion, cucumber, celery-whatever is around the fridge that is going to go bad in the next two days.

        1. Have never tried sardines, which I like, in tuna salad. Shall keep it in mind, thanks.

          I'm not sure how well this would work with the sardines, but for all-tuna tuna salad I add red wine vinegar. It really ties everything together.

          1. I'll have to try the sardines; great idea.

            I've been adding a squeeze of anchovy paste and a sprinkle of celery seed when I make mine. I find the celery seed adds something even when there's chopped celery in there too. Also, I use onion powder in addition to diced fresh onion- it adds nice toasted-onion flavor, really a whole different taste...