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Jun 25, 2006 08:27 AM

References to other message boards allowed on CH?

Like many other message board readers, we are familiar with other sites where food reviews get posted.

Is referring to some of them within a thread on Chowhound allowed?

My purpose is not to denigrate one site over the other but rather to alert/inform message board readers of other places to get additional information.

I did not want to specify a particular site unless the Chowhound Team gave me their blessing.

The other site, for your information, is a perfectly legitimate site, free, and lists a hyperlink to CH describing the site as a free message bulletin board. This other site is more of an internet online directory of restaurants to which people contribute their comments, sort of like a wikipedia of restaurants.

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  1. Our policy is the same as it's always been- we don't allow the hyping or promotion of any other site- whether is be food site, blog or anything else. Non-hypey or promotional posts, which add to the content of this site in a meaningful way, are OK. Chowhound's mission is to be a trove of opinions and information, rather than a nexus of outbound links to opinions and information. So please opine here rather than direct our audience towards other discussions.

    We understand that there's a fine line between 1. sincerely wanting to point your fellow hounds to good info which happens to be elsewhere and 2. plotting to steer our large audience elsewhere for promotion/self-promotion. The problem is that we have far too many users and far too little time to draw this distinction. We need to stave off the considerable desire to use our loud microphone for promotion, and so we ask even veteran participants (whose motivations are beyond question) to help by not setting examples that could be seized upon by people with selfish agendas.

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    1. re: The Chowhound Team

      My understanding was that previously we were allowed to put one link to pretty much anything we wanted. I would often link to my blog there if I didn't have anything else to link to. I'm pretty sure I had messages deleted in the past for multiple links. eg, I might talk about a trip to Texas, link to an article in the NYT, and then link to a site with pictures of BBQ, etc. I understand the need to keep CH from being a SPAM board, but the great thing about the internet net is the "inter" part, in that I can quickly point someone to five sources of information. I've noticed some more casualness about linking, I think, but I'm still worried. eg, if someone asks about happy hours in Portland, can I tell them what I think of a few places, then point them to a recent page where a guy has set up a google map of happy hours, then also point them to a blog where happy hours are exclusively discussed, and then point them to a "crawl" that occurred on another message board? Would one of these cause it to be deleted? Would the number? I'm not trying to make you guys have a settled rule on it, I just want some guidance going forward into the Brave New Chowhound.

      Also, I would highly recommend adding a signature feature so that people can quietly self-promote their blogs, show signs of a personality, etc, without getting in the way of discussion.

    2. CH Team - Your reply was well stated and I perfectly understand your point of view.

      I trust if you do not think this reference is acceptable or appropriate you will delete it. I was referring to which poses itself as an internet directory of restaurants (with some feedback and ratings by customers). I did not know if this site would qualify as one you would view as appropriate. If you look at the home page, it is formatted in a way which allows the viewer to locate restaurants, THEN to read comments. ( is one of the three websites recommended on the top of its page when one clicks "United States" under the "Region" portion of the opening page, by the way!


      So, the distinction I see for that site is that its primary purpose is to give searchers a way of identifying restaurants in various areas, and THEN, to read comments on the restaurant (where they exist), versus being a forum for people to exchange opinions about restaurants (as is the case with, or to serve as a promotional tool in terms you stated.

      1. I was trying to find this post of mine, forgot which board it was on, and just entered chefmoz in the search field and the Chowhound program found the post! (I just figured out now that I could have located this post by going to "My Chow".)

        But what was odd, was that the hyperlink to the chefmoz site was displayed in HTML code. When I returned to this board after logging in and looked at the message, it did not have the HTML code displayed, just the website hyperlink, as I had originally entered it. Not a problem, but odd, to say the least.

        I still have yet to figure out how to display messages posted by other posters. There was a reference to an "advanced" button to do this. I have yet to see this button anywhere.

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        1. re: FelafelBoy

          If you click the "Search" button WITHOUT entering anything into the text field, you will get an expanded search box with the "advanced" link on the right hand side. Clicking "advanced" will expand the box further, giving you a field where you can enter the specific author's name with or without other search parameters. I found 2,760 threads I have posted in!

          1. re: Gary Soup

            You can also click on the linked (underlined) name of any poster that displays on his/her posting on any board, and all recent posts by that person will display. Please note, their name must show an underline (which indicates they are a registered user). In addtion, on all posts moved over from the old site, the users will not be indicated as registered users, so this will not work for finding posts by those users.

            1. re: The Chowhound Team

              I'm having problems understanding this board and I'm not sure if it is a bug or my lack of understanding.

              I am pretty sure it is not all recent posts that are displayed. What is displayed is what the poster responded to by topic start date ... whether that is a post the person started or a post the the person replied to.

              That sounds confusing which it is. But I was going crazy trying to figure out what was going on. I'd reply to a post and it would never show up.

              Anyway, it is documented in more detail and hopefully illustrated more clearly in this post


              If that sounds like a bug, I'll put it on the correct board. I just don't know if it is me or the software. You have to sroll down a bit for the examples with POST A, Post B and Post C.

              In one way I like the number of days since responding. However if there was the actual date of the reply, I could just tell you to look for my name in the post at a specific date and time. Just a thought.