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Jun 25, 2006 08:11 AM

Whole roast pig siting at Watertown Greek Festival - YumYum?

Driving buy saw the little squeekers roasting on spits. Had other plans, and the line for food was very long, but darned if the little porkers weren't tempting. I could see the mahogany skin glistening in the fire.

All that porky goodness, there must have been 6 or so, 50 pound piglets, made me think of YumYum. Pretty sure they are open Sunday too.

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  1. According to their flyer, the outdoor grilling which includes the pig, lamb and gyro roast is available in the evening only. The Sunday schedule is 6-10pm.

    You may want to call just to double-check. 617-924-8182

    I went yesterday afternoon and saw the succulent pigs and lamb roasting but wasn't able to buy them because it was too early.

    1. I *love* that you thought of me when spying pig on spit. It really makes me proud -- for real. Thanks.

      Unfortunately this hound must exercise a tiny bit of restraint over the upcoming weeks in the painful pursuit of swim-suit decency. I will have to experience this pig by reading others' posts ... I hope someone will report if they try it.

      1. Hey Yumyum, I am ashamed to say it, but in the name of my own girlish figure, (after hitting an afternoon cookout) I too am abstaining.

        In my (lost) youth I would have bitten the bullet and gone for the piggy goodness regardless.

        1. Stopped by Friday at 6 & savored a wonderful melt-in-your-mouth order of pork with crackling skin. Tried again last night at 8 and they said they'd been out of pork & lamb since 12:30! Got some moussaka instead.

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          1. re: Taralli

            Yay! I was hoping you'd try it. Nice one Taralli.


          2. Dang. I guess there was more than gyros in that outside corner on Friday evening? Oh well.