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Jun 25, 2006 03:25 AM

Hollywood Gelato

Made my first visit a few hours ago. While not inexpensive it is well worth it. Great stuff.


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    1. re: jennjen18

      Mars Bar, Rocky Roche and I think it was Creme Caramel or something like that. The Mars Bar was incredible.

    2. The mars bar is one of my favourite as well as the Rocky Roche. Also the Mango flavour is intense.

      1. Stick to the gelato.... the staff are VERY slow at making lattes and other coffee type beverages.

        1. Love the mango, and classic hazelnut... but avoid the pistachio!!

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          1. re: jayseeca

            Do not avoid the pistachio!! It's one of their best flavours, assuming you like pistachios to begin with.

            And, do not avoid their coffees. They are excellent.

            1. re: Fwagra

              really? I guess people will have to try it for themselves, but I looove pistachios, and pistachio ice cream, but I found it to taste really fake, and nothing like pistachios.

              1. re: jayseeca

                Oh, well. Different strokes.

                There are plenty of great flavours to choose from at Hollywood. The hazelnut, coffee, chocolate, creme caramel, and, yes, even vanilla are all incredible.

          2. You have to try the Rocky Road Roche (Ferro Roche)!