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Jun 25, 2006 03:06 AM

Niagara Street Cafe for brunch - raw spinach on eggs florentine?

Last Sunday my friend and I went to the Niagara Street cafe for brunch. I ordered the eggs florentine which came with a choice of home fries or salad. I chose the salad. I wish I hadn't because the dish was served with raw spinach on top of biscuits topped with sauce. I asked the server why the spinach was raw when it should be cooked. He told me that it's supposed to be served raw (not true) and that other restaurants cook the spinach because they're not using "organic" spinach so it's probably bitter. The server was very nice but this is not true. The spinach should be cooked in butter. Of course there is artistic license but if I'd known the whole plate would be mostly salad I would have passed.

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  1. when i make eggs florentine at home i don't always cook the spinach if i'm using baby spinach because once i put the warm moist poached eggs on top it basically cooks. maybe they were working with that theory but it didn't quite work for them...

    1. Raw spinach in the egg florentine or side salad?

      1. the spinach was on the eggs florentine.

        1. I noticed that they use raw spinach on the benedicts at Vienna Home Bakery as well. I have to admit that I prefer it just slightly wilted.