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Jun 25, 2006 03:01 AM

Coi Review

Last week I finally made a trip out to Coi to see if Daniel Patterson actually had anything new to offer the bay area. The service was definitely first class, I never felt ignored or overly interupted. The decor was modern and mostly decorated in muted earth tones but was kept interesting with a variety of textures. I was bothered a little bit by the lack of windows, but the lighting was warm enough that it wasn't too cave-like and the food quickly distracted me.
My table had the tasting menu with a couple of alterations (no sweet bread ravioli and we all had different desserts), and overall I found the food to be slighly contrived but all the same pretty delicious. My favorites were the pea soup with ricotta sorbet, the cracked wheat risotto with fava beans and morels, and the cherry confit. The only things I really didn't like were the beet carpaccio and the fourme d’ambert ice milk.
For a MUCH more detailed and longer review with pictures you can look at my blog:

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  1. Thanks for the great report and pictures! I am going in a couple weeks (unfortunately with someone who will never have the patience to do ten courses) and your post has me waiting for the day with bated breath.

    1. Even if you don't do the whole tasting menu you'll still get a good overview. We ate at Coi two nights ago and in addition to the three courses plus dessert on the "dinner" menu we also had two amuses and the cold/hot chocolate 2nd dessert. Between us we tried all four of the fish courses, the duck and the lamb, so there was enough variety. Everything was delicious, service was nice and I thought the room was very comfortable. $75 per person for food ($105 for the tasting menu) definitely makes it a special occasion place, though.

      Portions from the dinner menu are larger than those from the tasting menu but still small enough that you are wondering half way through if you will need to get a pizza at the end (you don't). I wonder if the 2nd dessert is for those who have been cleaning their plates all evening?

      The wine list was short but looked interesting. I always hope that when the list is full of things I don't recognize it means that someone is doing some serious tasting before deciding what to put on the list. I think that's the case here based on two glasses to begin (a rose and a Sancerre) and on a bottle of red burgundy that I can highly recommend - 2003 Earl Camus Bruchon Savigny-Gravains. $60 seemed very reasonable and it went will with most of the food.

      1. The wine list at COI, although short, is really well-tailored to the food. Whether having a bottle or by the glass, the staff is very helpful.