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where to find vosges chocolates in la

where can i find em. i live in west la

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  1. According to their website, they are sold at Neiman Marcus.

    1. You're in luck if you're in West L.A., because Surfas in Culver City has them - or at least they have the chocolate bars.

      1. You can always order them online too... they sell them online for the same price as in a store though you have to pay for shipping and handling. But they ship the chocolate surrounded by ice packs so they don't melt.

        1. It's very expensive to buy them on line because how carefully they ship their products. If you're buying a huge box, like a special one that's not sold in stores, then go for it. If you're just wanting to try Vosgues, I would go to the Neiman Marcus in the biggest, fanciest, shopping center with the most affluent customers that you're willing to drive to. They should have a better candy selection. Or just call a few NM's and see who has the most chocolate. (Pei, formerly known as nooodles).

          1. You can find the cocoa at Le Sanctuaire in Ocean Park, and the bars are sold at Vicente Foods.

            1. Surfas has had the cocoa as well. VERY pricey, though, like $25 a bag!

              1. The Little Door market carries many of Vosges' chocolate bars ($7) as well as their fiery hot chocolate mix.

                The Little Door Restaurant.
                8164 W. Third Street,
                Los Angeles.
                Tel: 323 951 1210.


                1. Surfas carries it for 5.99 - cheaper than Vosges' retail price of $7 (online), but they only carry the bars and not all the varieties either. I also saw an even more limited selection at Cost Plus World Markets.

                  Of course, should you ever wound up in Vegas, check out their boutique in Caesars Palace Forum Shops -- last time I was there I even managed to salvage some on my August drive back!


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                    Yeah, the boutique at CP ... they are also VERY generous with samples ... always a good thing.

                  2. I love Vosges. I'm always on the lookout for them at boutiques and other stores. Believe me, Neiman Marcus has, by far, the largest collection of the truffles and bars.

                    Surfas has the bars and toffee, which i recommend.

                    The Little Door has the bars. -- I highly recommend the chili and wasabi bars.

                    And yes, if you're ever in LV, stock up!