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Jun 25, 2006 02:28 AM

lame Profile categories

how can I change these categories in the personal profile? They don't interest me or pertain to my chowhound habits.

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  1. Those categories are not customizable at this point.

    1. I totally agree with toodie jane on this.

      1. I take those profile questions as just a humorous touch that's available for us to use. I think I put something in one or two of them. No big thing to me.

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        1. re: Mick Ruthven

          Agree, they seem to be a light hearted vehicle for providing some info about yourself, however, I suspect most savvy 'hounds would gain more insight in to myself and my tastes by reading my posts, just as I have come to know and appreciate other 'hounds through their posts.

        2. if you don't like them, and thus don't fill them out, you are where you were before the change, so seems like this shouldn't be a big deal. However, if there is something you *really* want to tell people that isn't addressed in the questions, just put it in your answer to the profile question! (As in: "the question shouldn't be how often I've eated at McDonalds; rather it should be, 'how often have I driven at least forty miles out of my way to avoid eating at McDonalds'...or whatever.)

          I do find it interesting to know what people's favorite restaurants are.

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          1. re: susancinsf

            You are so absolutely correct. The possible humor in the McDonald's category went right over my head, but then that's not atypical. I'm often too serious for my own good.

            I'll wait awhile before considering the profile again. Nobody's heard of most of the places I chow at, but following your reasoning, the way I'd describe them would tell the tale. Thanks for the good words.

            1. re: toodie jane

              by the way, besides finding it interesting to see other folks favorite restaurants, the other aspect of the profile that I really like (so do think about filling it out even if you leave the rest blank) the first question about the 'home' board. Since I travel a lot, I check out a lot of boards, and I find it helpful when I see someone who posts on places I know here at home in SF (or elsewhere) to be able to make a mental note of their home location, so that I can calibrate their posts on that board when I visit it....

              (you of course I already know well from the CA boards, but I am speaking in general :-))