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Jun 25, 2006 02:04 AM

crab house, near Arlington

We'll be visiting DC in July, staying in Crystal City, and are seeking boiled crab, casual atmosphere. Any suggestions?


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  1. I hope nobody is boiling crabs! They are steamed. There is on ongoing (and complimentary) discussion of the Quarterdeck. Just do a search or scroll down on the previous topics page.

    1. Steve, thanks for the redirect. Down on the gulf coast, we often boil 'em, but steamed was what I was seeking. I sure do appreciate you taking the time to respond, and found the discussion extremely helpful!

      1. Quarter Deck is your spot. 1200 Fort Myer Dr, Arlington, VA. 703-528-2722. Reservations are a good idea on weekends if the weather is decent, even though its not at all what you'd think of as a reservation place.

        I would not advise straying from crabs and beer when ordering.

        1. The fried oyster sandwich is pretty good too.

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          1. re: Dakota Guy

            Quarterdeck also used to have a mesquite grilled shrimp on the menu which was very good. Don't know if it's still offered.

          2. The Quartedeck also has an extremely cheap pizza that is palatable and this is quite useful when a child is part of the group who won't do crabs or other seafood. I would not claim that it is in any way top of the line, but in pizza-starved Rosslyn it is a useful eating place.

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            1. re: BookGuy

              Good to know. The spiced steamed shrimp and softshell sandwich I had were both very sub-par, but my crabs are consistently good...after two visits on which I supplemented the steamed crabs with other vittles, I decided to stick to the crabs.