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Jun 25, 2006 01:26 AM

Argiolas wines?

Any local wine shops have a good selection of Argiolas wines? Several restaurants have most of the line but in stores I've seen only a few of the cheaper ones.

Distributor's page:

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  1. Did you try locating them through

    I have never tried these wine. How are they?


    1. No luck with

      All their wines I've tasted have been good.

      1. Did you try contacting Winebow? Another thought is to talk to the chef-owner at La Ciccia, who I believe used to work for an importer of Italian wines. They have one or two Argiolas wines on the list. He's very eager to discuss food and wine with patrons. Better to go at an off hour, because he's really hopping when the place is busy.

        The Wine Club in SF carries only one. Perhaps the Jug Shop?