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Jun 25, 2006 01:22 AM

St. Louis Decision: Atlas, Modesto, Niche or Terrene?

Which of these would you choose, and why? I'm an out-of-towner looking to treat some very worthy and food-savvy folks in St. Louis. (Deliciousness being the most important variable, of course.)

Point of comparison: I believe the recipients of our gift have been to, and very much enjoyed, Atlas. Is it head-and-shoulders above the others? Niche and Terrene are newer, right? Which is better?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Wow, nice selection. I love Atlas, i think it is a phenomenal place. Would I put it heads and shoulders above all the others? Probably not. I like Niche a lot too. the chef/owner is very creative and I love what he does. I think the real question back to you is: what kind of experience are you looking for? I think of Niche as being somewhat intimate and for very special sense of discovery. Atlas I go to for the somewhat familiar and cozy but with an excellent potential to surprise me every time. Terrene I have not been. Modesto, I like tro go and hover and linger and pretend I am in Spain. Totally different moods.

    1. I love Atlas b/c I know I will enjoy the meal and learn something and be able to love the dessert w/t reservation.
      I hear great things about Terrine- they teach a lot about being a green restaurant- less waste and fresh ingred'.
      Modesto is good- just not as well rounded as I prefer. I understand it is very authentic. I like it for casual with drinks nibbles- less a full dining experience.
      No Niche experience- one good review from a foodie friend.

      1. Terrene has a nice outside dining area, and honors vegetarians with some interesting menu choices. I like the place enough to give Terrene gift certificates as wedding presents.

        1. You have made some tough choices there! Love Atlas's atmosphere as upscale neighboorhood feel. Michael's food is wonderful and flavorful. Also love Terrene, pretty new on the scene. Chef Dave has an incredible touch with lots of flavors melding together. The garden is very special--a real treat. Chef Craft at Niche is also worthy of your time and $$'s--a small and special place (heard he's expanding). Modesto is more of a fun, casual place compared to the others--food top rate.