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Jun 25, 2006 01:00 AM

Where would you go if you had an 1982 chateau lafite rothschild?

I'm lucky enough to say that I have a friend who wants to spend dinner with me and a very special bottle of wine. Now, where should we go to enjoy it? Looking to be in Fairfax District, Beverly Hills, or Hollywood. Open to all kinds of ideas -- doesn't have to be over-the-top or romantic. Just good food and a good crowd.

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  1. You certainly want to have some red meat to get the best of the wine. I'd opt for Morton's or Pacific Dining Car but they aren't in your area. Plenty of place abound that are either steakhouses (Mastro's, Palm) or just as good any quality place where you can get some meat. Campanile, La Terza have nice meat. I'd also look for somewhere with good stems and a decanter, which the latter two will do. Even though that wine is 24 years old, it is/was huge. It would benefit from a decant.

    1. i would opt for arnie morton's over the palm or mastro's, they're too noisy.

      1. I wouldn't go to one of those steakhouses. They're good, but I don't think they have the quality of chef that will do justice to a wine like that. I would go to a restaurant that would design a menu around the wine. Valentino may not be as great as it once was, but Piero Selvaggio is one of the restauranteurs in Los Angeles who is most knowledgeable about wine. I've seen him fawning over tables that have brought in wines to be paired. I suspect he would be very excited about planning a menu an 82 Chateau Lafite Rothschild.

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          I know that Pierro has some other restaurants aside from this location... how often is he actually at the Santa Monica location?
          I think that you have a *great* idea though!!

        2. For the last ten years or more, we and two other couples have celebrated birthdays at Lawry's with vintage bottles of French and California wines and the prime ribs have done those wines justice. We have drunk 1982, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1990 Pichon Lalande, 1990 Montrose, Haut Marbuzet, Beaujesour Duffau, Lynch Bages from 1982 through 1989;1986, 1990 Pichon Baron, 1982, 1989 Ducru Beaucaulliou and Beycheville; 1986 L'Arroset and Clerc Milon, and 1990 through 1994 Chateau Montelena.

          You really want something that will propel that type of wine forward and not try to compete with it.

          1. An outside table at Il Cielo might be nice.