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Jun 25, 2006 12:57 AM

unicode support and everyone always forgets the Koreans

are there plans for unicode support? it would make sense since you have international boards... and my one post about ramen looks like ascii noise.

speaking of which, Korea seems to be missing as an international board. i'm pretty sure you don't want to piss them off... especially after that loss to switzerland.

just to test things out...

もう好きじゃない でんわばんごかえる.

한국말 하세요?

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  1. ok, nevermind. i guess my post didn't translate well when you sucked it into the new CMS.

    1. A recent post of mine on the SF Bay Area board on Peking Eastern House (东来顺) disappeared. I thought maybe that was because of the Chinese characters but they seem to work fine.