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Jun 25, 2006 12:42 AM

Looking for some place new to try in Manchester, NH

Looking for somewhere new and moderately priced to try in Manch-vegas. Has anyone tried Gauchos or Taste of Europe (okay so not necessarily new, but new to me)? Any suggestions?

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  1. Can't respond about Taste of Europe because I've never eaten there, but I used to eat at Gauchos a couple of times a month.

    On the plus side, I think the meat at Gauchos is very, very good. It's the best meat I've had in any churrascaria so far (and I've eaten in quite a few.) I like that they bring you the best cuts first instead of trying to fill you up on the cheap stuff. The salmon on the cart with the caper sauce is great as are the fried bananas, black beans and rice, and the chimichurri sauce.

    The yucca fries are tasteless, but then all yucca fries are tasteless to me.

    On the down side, the baby new potatoes are always way overcooked. The salads are just boring average salad bar fare with little that screams "Brazil". The cheese bread is doughy and tough, and the desserts (Bindi frozen and thawed) are the weakest part of the meal. Another negative is that they no longer sell wine by the glass.

    These days I get my churrasco fix at Sabor Brasil in Nashua because these days I'm more interested in authentic Brazilian salads, sides, and desserts, but if good freshly grilled meat is your focus, I think you'll like Gauchos just fine.

    1. I liked Gaucho's when I visited it a year or so ago. My experience is more or less the same as reported by "rcianci" (except that I haven't tried the churrascaria in Nashua yet).

      Other suggestions: Indian Palace on S. Willow Street, La Carreta a bit west of exit 9 off I-93 for Mexican

      1. here's two reviews on Gaucho's - one in march '06 and one in dec '05

        1. Have you tried Cafe Momo?--Nepali cuisine. Spicy and reasonable--far end of Hanover Street. If you go down to Nashua--there's a new Lebanese place called Mezza that's cheap and good.