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Jun 25, 2006 12:35 AM

China Village in Belmont?

In the thread linked below, yimster recommended China Village on Ralston in Belmont for a banquet.

Could we hear more about it please? It's owned by the same family that runs China Village in Albany. However, I understand that the Belmont location is Hong Kong-style. I haven't been there yet myself.

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  1. When I was invited to a party about 4 months ago they had a modifried 168 dinner which had some of the following dishes (do not remember the entire menu)

    Peking Duck (Cantonese style)
    Roasted Whole Chicken
    Ginger and Green Onion Crabs
    Steak with Vegetables
    Seafood Fried Rice
    Shark Fin Soup (?)

    The host added two more dishes but there was too much for ten.

    I did ask the Manager at Belmont's China Village and was told they were not related to the Albany's China Village. The actual name for Belmont place is Hong Kong China Village. It was always my understanding that they were related. I think the Belmont place has a website (which I will try to get the link soon).

    They also serve dim sum during lunch. Decent but not one of the best.

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    1. Thanks for the info. Now, that's kinda weird, as the owner at Albany's China Village suggested that I try his Belmont restaurant. He said that he had a full-time manager there who takes care of everything and he's not involved in the daily operations. This was within the last 8 months or so, maybe things have changed since then.

      1. I have not been there for a banquet in some time but my family eats there regularly. The cuisine is more Hong Kong style. I like their noodles, HK Chow Mein, chow fun, crispy fried chicken, salted fish claypot, fish filet with chinese greens. I tried a new dish last week, sauteed string beans with minced pork and olive leaf. I liked it alot. The website menu is not as extensive as the printed menu in the restaurant. I cannot have seafood as part of a diet restriction but what I see others eating looks very good.

        The dim sum is good to very good, the selection is much better on weekends. They are the only place I know where you can get dim sum at dinner as well.

        The prices are somewhat above average but I like the quality of the service which is better than most chinese restaurants who sometimes seem to treat me like a nuisance. I've known Johnny, one of the hosts/head waiters for some time and he's a great guy.


        1. You just caught my attention with the description of the string bean dish. I think I've had something similar at another restaurant that was called "three season beans". Thanks so much for the information!

          1. The Chinese name for China Village in Belmont has the Chinese name/characters "Luk Yu" (or Luk Yue), which was lifted from Hong Kong's arguably most famous Luk Yue Tea House in Central that has been around for a long long time (extremely pricey dim sum).

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              Thank you, glad to see you've made it through the reg maze!

              Any personal experience here?

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                Periods/dots between characters apparently cause problems in the registration software.... so this is me with a space instead of a dot.

                Last experience at CV Belmont was in 2003 for a banquet style dinner and one dim sum lunch a while back from that time. Food was decent for the area, but there are certainly way better Chinese seafood restaurants. I haven't been in a while.